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SanXuary | Geek Girl Con

Written by  Published August 11, 2012 07:01
SanXuary | Geek Girl Con
Geek Girl Power Con GeekGirlCon is an annual convention in Seattle celebrating the contributions of women in all aspects of geek culture. This is the second year of the con and it shows no signs of slowing down. GeekGirlCon is being held this weekend August 11-12 at the Conference Center in Seattle. The seeds of this great Con were planted at San Diego Comic Con in 2010, a year before the first GeekGirlCon took place.

The seeds were planted by a panel called Geek Girls Exist. This panel was scheduled against the Scott Pilgrim panel and still had a great turnout. This panel dedicated to female geeks and nerds motivated a huge audience to come together and celebrate geek girls.

Harnessing the momentum, these women and their supporters connected via social media and started tossing ideas around. They began to coalesce into an organization and a purpose.

The Con is made up of volunteers so the staff that presented the first GeekGirlCon are considered the founders. You can find more of their history here . I especially like their values. One of which is all geeks are welcome.

So even though the con is called GeekGirlCon males are welcome to join in the fun. Another is Kill the cattiness and create a community. “It is not about “you,” it is about “us,” so check any judgmental tendencies at the door.”

I could not have said it better myself. Yes this con is about celebrating women’s accomplishments, but I think more than that, it is about inclusiveness. If you would like to donate to this great con, you can donate here .

Some of the familiar names you may know that are going to be there are Greg Rucka, New York Times bestselling author and writer of comics such as Detective Comics, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman.

Gail Simone is the biggest name there is in girkgirldom and she will be there too. She is the writer of Batgirl and the former writer of Birds of Prey is very well known in the comics world an.d beloved by geek girls everywhere

Oh yeah and one of my columns favorite people is going to be there as well. Kristen Nedopak on a panel called “Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films and Shows.” Here is the press release:

Kristen’s panel "Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films and Shows” is Sun Aug 12th /12:30-1:30PM / Room 303 / Seattle Conference Center. She is available anytime on Sat afternoon or Sunday for interviews in Seattle, and available in LA anytime or via Skype for out of town coverage.

Inquiries and interview requests: (206)351 4207 or

Here is the official press release for a great panel:

Female Creator Kristen Nedopak Inspires Seattle Filmmakers With ‘Geek Girls Create’ Panel at GeekGirlCon 2012

Film/Series Director, Writer, Producer and On-Camera Personality Kristen Nedopak returns to Seattle with her renowned panel "Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films and Shows."

The panel will be part of GeekGirlCon ( Sunday August 12 from 12:30-1:30PM. Fellow panelists include powerhouses Stephanie Thorpe (Shelf Life, Elf Quest: A Fan Imagining), Teal Sherer (My Gimpy Life), Christa Charter (The Sleepless Nanny); moderated by Cheryl Platz (Unexpected Productions).

Nedopak founded “Geek Girls Create” in late 2011 to inspire women and men to make the work they are passionate about, providing success stories and valuable experience-related tips on production, networking, marketing and publicity to eager ears. Since then GGC has spoken at Comikaze, Wonder Con and Comic-Con, and will soon expand to reach a larger audience at women’s conferences and schools.

Nedopak states, “I’ve always been the type of person who looked to my successors and role models for ideas and tangible action items that would help me learn, grow and develop my dream career. With this panel, I’m able to give back to the community, and help encourage and motivate the next wave of talented creators. Also, much of my early film experience stemmed from living and working in the Northwest film industry, so I’m excited to reunite with old friends and meet new peers at this event.”

Nedopak began her career in film and television in Seattle back in2001, and has been a part of over 40 independent films and other projects in the Northwest alone.

Her high-quality work in the film/web series arena has spawned much acclaim from the press. “A new force to be reckoned with, Kristen Nedopak is a breath of fresh air,” says one outlet (full story: Recent work includes Nedopak’s viral smash hit series The Skyrim Parodies ( and sword fighting show Fight Class ( “Skyrim: To Lydia with Love” is an official selection of the 2012Dragon*Con Film Festival, and after a highly successful IndieGoGo Campaign, sixmore parodies are in post-production. The latest episode of Fight Class has been released (, where Nedopak and team help promote Project Lodus, A Cyberpunk Live Action RPG in-the-works by Leviathan Interactive.

Kristen is also partnering with Jedi Camp Director Bill Ostroff to create The GeekieAwards, an awards event for geek artists, cosplayers, filmmakers and more ( Nedopak was recently a guest speaker at the Women’s 2.0 Conference and one of this year's 'Most Dangerous Women at Comic-Con' panelists (voted one of the best panels at Comic-Con 2012).

Recent press honors include a cover spread and article in Faery World Magazine (,a feature in the “Who’s Who at Comic-Con”geek edition of International House of Geek ( and she’s been dubbed one of the “Sexiest Actresses at Comic-Con” by Gorno for the second year in a row (

More aboutKristen:


More about Geek Girls Create:

More aboutGeek Girl Con:

I would like to thank Jen Stuller Programming Director and Susie Rantz the PR manager for GeekGirlCon. If you are in the Seattle area this weekend this would be a great Con to go to.

A bit more intimate than San Diego or the other bigger cons, but I am thinking it will not stay that way for long.

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