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Gross Injustice | Injustice 1 & 2 Review

Written by  Published April 11, 2013 05:35
Justified   mega 3   If you’re my friend on Facebook or follow my Twitter feed, then you’ll have been hard pressed not to notice my growing excitement at what is the first fighting game I’ve been interested in for a long, long time. I was introduced to the world of beat ‘em ups back in 1992 when my brother and I shared a Christmas present. Unwrapping the mighty gift from Santa Claus was a task in itself and our reward was well earned (we’d been good ALL YEAR!) – the Super Nintendo Street Fighter II Edition console pack! Many an hour was whiled away button bashing as we desperately tried to master the special moves of greats Ryu, Blanka and Sagat.  

I followed the Marvel Vs. Capcom series with awe. There have been few greater fighting games that have managed to master such a crossover of franchises while keeping all the action fresh and frenetic. After Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I was at a bit of a loss for any superhero-themed beat ‘em up action.

Of course, that all changed with the announcement of the latest game from NetherRealm Studios – the geniuses that brought us the Mortal Kombat franchise. Injustice: Gods Among Us pits DC’s biggest and best heroes and villains against each other in a storyline that breaks down established friendships and looks set to bring together allegiances that were unheard of before. It looks superb and, as always, expect a full and frank review from myself (I’ve already downloaded the demo and played that to death as well as progressing avidly through the iOS game).

A comic book game obviously has a comic book to back it up, right? Oh yeah!

The day the music died…

mega cover 2Injustice #1

Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Jheremy Raapack, Mike S. Miller & Axel Gimenez

Colours by: Andrew Elder

Letters by: Wes Abbott

From: DC Comics

Originally released on the digital platform, Injustice has been collected for a print release. I’m a little behind because I simply had to wait for this title in the format. While I’m still a sucker for a #1, I still can’t deny that print just feels better. Anyway, preferences aside, I went into this title with some trepidation. I’d been won over by the game play trailers, concept art and storyline that had been leaked about the game but comic books based on games have a chequered history. More miss than hit; I went into Injustice #1 with pretty low expectations.

The fact that there were three artists to hand bothered me slightly but this a mega 5collection of digital issues so I kept that in mind. Plus Raapack, Miller and Gimenez art style is so similar (a clever mix by DC or the artists, I don’t know) that it all blends into one. Plus, the artwork is to a high quality in this issue anyway. DC could have gone for an easy get out with this but it’s obvious from the off that they have invested in this title and it’s definitely a good thing to see.

Taylor’s story is the deciding factor though… And it rocks. Obviously, this story will never be canon but it is one of the best openers to an Elseworlds epic I’ve ever read. The setup works and he gets right to the heart of the characters. The scene with Clark and Lois is beautifully written, especially with their good news – that you instantly realise is the foreshadowing of a far greater tragedy than any the Man of Steel has endured so far. The relationship between Bruce and Clark also really works and it’s clear that Taylor understands the intricacies and nuances that make these characters what they are. That’s how you tell an effective Elseworlds tale – not by radically altering what we thought we knew but by focusing on the aspects that, if given the right push, could affect everything we ever understood about the characters in question.

To divulge the plot would be ruin the issue but I quickly understood Superman’s motivations for a page that has divided some fans when it aired in #2…

9 out of 10 Mega Bytes

Getting to the heart of the matter

mega coverInjustice #2

Written by: Tom Taylor

Art by: Mike S. Miller & Bruno Redondo

Colours by: Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by: Wes Abbott

From: DC Comics

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll have noticed that Superman seems to have taken up his peacekeeping duties much more vigilantly. With a zero tolerance policy to anyone who attempts anything of a criminal nature, the Boy Scout has the world on lockdown. Batman understands that this isn’t the way things should be and Clark is a broken man, so the plot of the Injustice video game takes hold of the events when the Dark Knight goes up against his former best friend.

Injustice #2 shows how those events were set in motion. Superman is indeed in mega 4tatters. He’s lost everything he held dear and the image of him sobbing in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion is particularly emotive. Interestingly, Taylor seems to have made Wonder Woman the catalyst that gives him the final push and spurs him into doing the unthinkable. I liked that. It really worked showing her Divine perspective on what had transpired and brought home how alien these two characters actually are. See, she could have acted and prevented what later occurred but she didn’t… And I believe that’s what she wanted…

For the Man of Steel to commit murder, there must be a pretty powerful justification – check out #1 because there is. That’s what makes Injustice even more special. Taylor and NetherRealm could have just written an Elseworlds tale where Superman is raised evil; we’ve seen it done before. What this story does is make Superman broken and pushes him to the edge and, ultimately, over it. It works and it works well.

Miller and Redondo work well together and, as in the previous issue, the art is seamless. Graphic where it needs to be but both artists do well in capturing the drama that runs through this issue.

If you’re hyped for the videogame, then I’d advise you to go out and get a copy of this series. If you’re an Elseworlds fan, you could do a hell of a lot worse. Taylor has crafted the beginnings of an epic that will take your favourite DC characters to a dark place and tear them out of the other side. So good, you’ll weep!

9 out of 10 Mega Bytes

The ROBotiX Network Ordnance

Injustice #1: 9

Injustice #2: 9


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