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The MiXX presents…The Triple Play | Comic Week 1/4/12

Written by  Published July 5, 2012 09:56
Shuffle Track #27 Smells Like Team Spirit. Teamwork. No matter the task or venue, when a great team of talented folks get together, magic is the result. It’s a simple truth that carries through most things in life, even in comics. When there is a talented group of writers, artists and management the sky’s the limit. The subtle balance can be a tricky thing to master – are there are many instances in comicdom where the best teams have turned out works that made you wince. When it’s good, when all the gears mesh and the cylinders fire, masterpieces are born. This week we have three strong contenders put together by some talented teams.  YOU’RE IN THE MIXX!

The Year of the Cat

Catwoman #7 New 52

Written by: Judd Winick

Pencils: Adrianna Melo

Inks:  Mariah Benes

Colors: Tomeu Morey

Lettering: Dezi Sienty

Cover: Guillem March

From: DC

Catwoman enjoys the finer things in life, furs, fine wines, and jewelry – she’s stolen them all. But if there’s one thing that really gets her purring is a fast, hot car. The lady in black gets her hands on some sleek Italian job and takes it for a joy ride before making her connection.

Cats is going bats as her partner Gwen Altamont is quick to point out.

You can’t reign in this kitty and soon the urge to merge with another hot set of wheels becomes too much to resist. The heat draws up when Detective Alvarez decides to tangle with our favorite feline (he should watch out, this kitty has claws).

Catwoman is in a big fix and things are gonna get complicated, especially with a new player in the game – is he a cat lover… only time will tell!

Catwoman #7 is fast-paced Catwoman action at its peak. Judd Winick writes one hell of an action sequence. His dialogue is pithy and sharp, he gives the Cat a dangerous and sexy edge (which is quite the feat when dealing with an already dangerous and sexy character).

Adrianna Melo’s pencils are beautiful, she’s definitely on top of her game in this ish. Mariah Benes stays tight on the inks and keeps my favorite feline female looking fierce.

Colors are strong and vibrant with a dash of dark noir courtesy of Tomeu Morey. Dezi Sienty is helming the lettering and does so with panache. Top it all off with a dynamic cover by Guillem March and you have the purrrrfect combination (couldn’t resist). Pull!

9 out of 10 Decibels

Father of Mine

Patriot #1

Written by: Jesse Grillo

Art: Jeff Slemons

Lettering: Melissa Martin Ellis

Colors: Melissa Martin Ellis

From: Bleeding Ink Comics

The Patriot is a hero’s hero. He has always been there for the greater good, when sudden tragedy strikes, he sees no other solution but the one that all hero’s face and up until now have denied. But you know the capes, they rarely fly solo, and Patriot has a son back on the farm who needs answers but not before a little pow-wow with his soon-to-be former teammates. Lines are drawn and loyalties divided as Patriot goes on his quest for the greater good. Can good come from an act of evil, or do the ends truly justify the means? A showdown to remember at the ol’ homestead with his ex-allies puts this question to the test.

Will Patriot finish his work before it’s too late?

Patriot #1 is great fun.  Grillo’s turn on the writing is inspired. He really digs deep into the MC and gives us well-structured compelling dialogue. The supporting cast of characters is just as well-versed and help to carry propel the story as an ensemble piece. Slemons’ art does the job for me. It has a late 70’s, early 80’s sensibility in terms of action and expression.

It reminds me of MarvelMan drawn by Gary Leach during the Moore years in the 80’s. In fact the story reminded me of that stellar series (known as Miracle Man here in the states thanks to copyrights… wait… isn’t Miracleman an FF villain—continuity eh.)

Ellis’ coloring is on par and she does a turn on the letters were okay for me (a couple of needle skips, in terms of mechanics, but still highly readable). Go team, good stuff.

8 out of 10 Decibels

Stairway to Heaven

Nancy in Hell On Earth #3 (of 4)

Written by: El Torres

Art: Enrique Lopez Lorenzana

Colors: Fran Gamboa

Letters: Malaka Studio

From: Image Comics

Nancy Simmons is in hell…on Earth. Stuck with her trusty (rusty) chainsaw and her rag tag team (including the archdemon that killed her and Lucifer himself). It’s going to take a wing and a prayer to save humanity from the vengeful angels of Heaven (lead by the beautiful and bequiling Gabrielle). What can stop a host of ass-kicking angels you ask?

How about some nukes?

The government is at the mercy of the moment as the forces of good and evil tug on the their favorite chew-toy, Earth.

Nancy and co. decide to take action and head downtown to ascend the gate of heaven (now conveniently located at the top of a flippin’ skyscraper).

With some demonic mischief and fine feathered flagellation they better pray for miracle!

Nancy in Hell #3 is a rush. Torres packs in sardonic hedonism and philosophical badassery betwixt these pages (not an easy feat).  I particularly like his take on Lucifer (pathos is a new twist and it’s approached with a wry twist, again no easy feat).

The action continues with the luscious art of Lorenzana accentuated by the striking colorwork of Gamboa.

Together this duo creates an epic war for the ages which could give A vs. X a run for the money.

I especially enjoyed the little cameos Lorenzana snuck in (look for a bewildered Michael Berryman, and an angst-ridden Quentin Tarentino).

Lettering by Malaka Studio is tight and right.

Page turner.

8.8 of 10 Decibels

The Mixx ReDuxx:

Catwoman #7 NEW 52 (DC):  9

Patriot #1 (Bleeding Ink): 8

Nancy in Hell  #3 (Image): 8.8

Until Next Time True Believers, Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World!

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