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Monday, 22 May 2017 17:30
I don’t make it a secret. I’m a huge X-Men fan. Have been my whole life. Ever since first seeing the team’s guest appearance on the Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends cartoon when I was very young, I was very enamoured by the team. At first it was the original Beast that caught my eye. A superhero with huge, goofy ape feet? Crazy! Weird! I loved the originality. Then it was me “stealing” my big brother’s Uncanny X-Men comics from his stash (even though I was too young to even know how to read) and seeing these lavish, out-there costumes and characters that in any other superhero story would probably be the villains. Nightcrawler, Rogue, Storm (with the mohawk, of course), Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers....and of course, Wolverine. They were so cool beyond words. They were edgy and gritty and never ever got a break in the world, but that never stopped them from being heroes. I was born without the ability to walk and I identified with these heroes who were also born a little different. Their leader was in a wheelchair. I was and will be bonded to the X-Men forever. Read more...
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Sunday, 05 March 2017 01:18
The superhero era of movies has a lot to thank Hugh Jackman and his portrayal of Wolverine for, when you think about it. The first X-Men movie in 2000 was a massive hit and Hugh’s portrayal of the adamantium clawed, stogey smoking, hairy Canadian was a big part of that success. As a diehard fan of the X-Men comics and Wolverine being my favorite superhero of them all...he wasn’t a perfect comic accurate Logan by any sense of the word. He was too tall, too young, too good looking...not stalky enough...not “Canadian” enough. When I first read that they had casted an AUSTRALIAN in the role I nearly threw up in fear it was the failed 80’s X-Men cartoon pilot all over again. Read more...
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Friday, 10 February 2017 03:03
FX’s Legion is indeed a part of Fox’s X-Men movie universe, but you probably wouldn’t know it from the series’ pilot. Don’t expect Storm or Wolverine, Magneto or Rogue...or even your new favorite, Deadpool to show up. Read more...
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Thursday, 07 May 2015 16:44
New York, NY—May 6th, 2015— Hulk is the strongest there is! Now, he’s the smartest, most calculating, ruthless villain there is too! This June, ask yourselves – can anyone stop the Maestro? That’s the question when the oppressive lord of Dystopia comes to Battleworld for FUTURE IMPERFECT #1! Legendary writer Peter David returns to the nuclear ravaged wastelands he made famous alongside artist Greg Land for an explosive all-new Secret Wars tale! Now calling himself the Maestro, the Hulk stands triumphant over the world’s heroes and villains having bested them all! Ruling his domain on Battleworld, his gamma-fisted tyranny knows no bounds. Can anyone stop him? Nobody knows – but that won’t stop a small band of rebels led by X-FACTOR from trying! Read more...
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Monday, 07 July 2014 08:50
d 1Welcome eXPress legions, DAMMnation and the wide world of pop culture fans that walk the cyberwebs. Thanks for reading, as always it is a pleasure to write words for you here. As many of you know, I have spent a good amount of time railing on both the current DCU and on the state of the American superhero ideal. But more and more as I try to wade through mainstream superhero comics it is becoming apparent that Marvel is a convoluted mess of mis-characterized heroes and no one can tell an X-man from an Avenger anymore. And don’t even get me started on Fantastic Four or Inhumans. This is especially sad to me because I grew up a marvel zombie and no property is more sacred to me than x-men from the 80s and early 90s. As such there hasn’t been a lot of Marvel for me to write read on a regular basis let alone write anything flattering about. But one thing has remained constant in the world of X for years now and has consistently been the best book on the shelf for a decade in the Marvel universe. I am talking about X-Factor and especially the work of Peter David as he took the title from just one of the X-books to something special and when that special run was done reinvented another run which is currently shaping to be just as special as the previous run. So let’s get this monkey smoking.   Read more...
Published in Marvel Comics
Sunday, 15 December 2013 13:46
Mighty_Avengers_Infinity_Earth-616_001What makes a great superhero team? There can be many factors that come into play. Great characters with personalities that mesh together in various situations is a start. Not to say that all characters on the team have to like each other (some conflict is good), but when the chips are down they have to get it together to take down the bad guys and save the city, world or universe. The costumes don’t have to match, they don’t all have to be the same type of hero, but the one thing they have to be is a unit. Everyone knows The Avengers, X-Men and The Justice League...but there are many superhero teams that came along that I personally loved to read about. What can I say? I’m just a fan of teamwork! Oh yeah, this is a list, people! And this time it’s underrated superhero teams!   Read more...
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Monday, 28 October 2013 09:56
MARVEL-LOGO-e1374519340153One of the X-Men's deadliest enemies is returning with a vengeance! Lady Deathstrike is back, she's got a brand-new "Day of the Dead" style look and she's bringing The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants along to take on the first all-female X-Men team! Brian Wood and Terry Dodson are the perfect creative team to bring this story to life as not only some great villains return to cause trouble, a new hero joins the X-Men as well! This looks to be a key issue and a beautiful looking one at that! Here are the details! Read more...
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Sunday, 15 April 2012 15:58
Somehow in my young teenaged brain, a Superman that looked like he was a member of Journey, was bad-assed. Assigning An Era "New" Salutations, Bleeder-Fiends and welcome to Episode 29 of Full Page Bleed! It’s springtime! The weather’s getting nicer, the birds are chirping and young lovers are frolicking (I guess the old ones frolic as well, just not as easily). Spring does something special to me every year. It’s just a big enthusiastic fresh start that comes around every year. I suppose living in a part of the world with such snowy winters helps that me feel this way. Read more...
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