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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 15:44
The sequel to the hit DC Comics Fighting video game Injustice will soon be released and this time...."the lines will be redrawn!" Read more...
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Thursday, 18 June 2015 16:29
If you had a wish list that meant you could pick only two things that could make you eternally happy and you could put those two things together in a video game, what would you pick? Traveller’s Tales seems to have been successfully plucking from everyone’s favourites for a number of years now - LEGO meets Star Wars, LEGO meets Indiana Jones, LEGO meets DC superheroes, etc – so it was inevitable that they’d get round to my ultimate choice; LEGO meets Jurassic Park. Read more...
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Monday, 20 April 2015 14:35
For me, there were no fighting games until Mortal Kombat came along. I had played Street Fighter II with my brother on the joint SNES we received at Christmas but I was never a huge fan. Sure, the combat system was pretty fluid and the level of skill required to truly master a character (I chose Vega, as a rule, so was often caught of guard following a flurry of jumping attacks) was definitely a challenge but I wanted more. In came Mortal Kombat. We had to convince my parents that we would always play without using the infamous Blood Code (obviously we never did!) and I quickly fell in love with the game, its characters, its lore and the fighting skill. Mortal Kombat operated a differently balanced control system and, combined with Fatalities (and later Brutalities, Friendship and even Babalities), I still believe takes more skill to effectively master and play proficiently. Mortal Kombat has always been a lot of fun. Whether it’s due to the controversy it has always courts upon its release, the gameplay style or the overall aesthetics of the game, Mortal Kombat keeps its appeal to this day. In fact, Mortal Kombat X may be the best iteration yet… Read more...
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 10:28
“Don’t make a girl a promise if you know you can’t keep it.” – Cortana, Halo 2 (2004) Halo_CollectionMy first introduction to Xbox gaming was back in 2004 when my brother pointed me in the direction of Halo 2, a first person shooter I had never heard of but one that he promised would play to all my favourite sensibilities – complex and emotive storytelling, lush graphics and an engaging and intuitive play style that would make me feel part of the world in which I found myself. He wasn’t wrong. From the moment I heard Martin O’Donnell’s beautiful soundtrack, I was hooked. It was then I went back to Halo: Combat Evolved and traced the history of the Master Chief. It would be unfair to myself to say I’ve been a fan ever since – I’ve become an addict; making sure I was there was every midnight launch, picked up every legendary edition, read every novel and comic book. But Halo had not just drawn me in. The world had become completely involved in the journey of the Master Chief. Microsoft and Bungie had proved that a first person shooter could not only just work on a console but it could far surpass a PC in terms of handling and telling a story that captured the imagination of gamers across the globe. Read more...
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014 11:20
“That interesting enough for you?” – Jameson Locke halo_nightfall_thumb The Halo Channel launched with the release of the Master Chief Collection; the first four main titles in the Halo video game franchise showcasing the continuing saga of enhanced human, Petty Officer Master Chief John-117. The Halo Channel app is exclusive to Xbox and is something that has to be seen to believed. This really is the future of games-led TV. The Halo Channel is something truly unique from 343 Studios and, while it may not be for everyone, is an in depth look into the Halo franchise and its expanded universe. The app grants the user access to behind-the-scenes information, documentaries, music and content that provides a plethora of information into the development of Halo, the back story, the alien races and technology and mythology that make up one of the most successful video games of this generation of gamers. It also works in symbiosis with the games available for the Xbox One – The Master Chief Collection and SPARTAN Assault – unlocking content as you play and in-game rewards as you view. Read more...
Published in Movies & TV
Tuesday, 21 October 2014 12:02
“I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.” – Ash, Alien (1979) Alien-Isolation In 1979, Ridley Scott gave us one of the most terrifying moments in cinematic history. Kane, surrounded by his fellow Nostromo crewmates – Dallas, Ripley, Lambert, Ash, Brett and Parker – wakes from an induced coma at the hands of a hideous alien creature which would later become to be known as a Facehugger. He eats a meal with his friends before violently clutching at his chest, stretching across the table, before another equally as shocking beast rips from his ribcage. This Chestburster was our first glimpse of a beast that would continue to frighten us for a further 35 years. The Xenomorph as arrived and it thirsted for flesh. The move Alien has remained imbedded in the public consciousness. This was an exercise in terror, a fear of the unknown and a web of distrust all wrapped up in the claustrophobic, mechanical atmosphere of the Nostromo. The deep space mining vessel was as much a character as those who manned it; its corridors and air ducts channeling the essence of the creature – hisses of steam and rattling of chains all colluded in providing the perfect environment in which the Xenomorph could hunt. Read more...
Published in Video Games
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 11:36
destiny_by_ecodigital-d5vuqdxBungie took us on, arguably, one of the greatest science fiction of this generation with the Halo franchise. They proved to the world that a First Person Shooter could have depth and an engaging storyline while also rewarding the player for their skill, dedication and commitment to progression. When they handed over the reins to 343 Studios following Halo Reach, many wondered how you could follow up on such an astounding achievement. Then Destiny was announced; a cross between an FPS, a Massively Multiplayer Online and a Role Playing Game. It was a bold undertaking. How could Bungie successfully incorporate key elements from the three most successful and well-loved gaming genres and make them work? It has been tried before with varying degrees of success and failure. This was going to be a huge gamble on the developer’s part. Read more...
Published in Video Games
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 19:31
DestinyBungie are synonymous with high quality, well thought out, visually arresting and captivating video games with their most successful franchise to date beginning the Halo series. Halo revolutionised the first person for the Xbox in 2001 when it proved that the format could work on a console as it was previously thought that PC gaming was the perfect stage for such a game. The control system was weighted and organic to play, the mix of open world and linear gameplay was revolutionary, the graphics were stunning and the story was a brand new take on the space opera that caught the imaginations of gamers worldwide. Fast forward to 2007 and Bungie released Halo 3 which seemed to be the final chapter in their trilogy. The adventures of the Master Chief fell to 343 Studios and Bungie left to develop a new IP which they promised would be more evocative than anything gamers had ever seen. Read more...
Published in Video Games
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