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Monday, 29 May 2017 17:46
Injustice: Gods Among Us was only just the beginning. NetherRealm, the same video game studio that develops the Mortal Kombat series has yet another blockbuster Fighter franchise on their hands. Injustice delves into an alternate DC Universe where Earth’s greatest hero, Superman, becomes the type of tyrannical villain he was once sworn to oppose after he executes The Joker. The snowball effect of that event creates a world where our heroes and villains are drastically changed and the status quo of the DC Universe is flipped upside down. The first game’s story mode had the heroes of a more familiar Earth come to help Batman’s rebels battle Superman’s regime, but this new installment shows us the aftermath of that story. A new threat emerges as Brainiac (who is responsible for the destruction of Krypton in this reality) attacks Earth’s cities and enlists the world’s vilest menaces to aide him. Read more...
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Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:43
In the most anticipated story of the year, New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns confirms Watchmen will make an epic return to the DC Universe this November.  As “The Button” crossover comes to a close in FLASH #22, the four page epilogue affirms the mystery will continue with DOOMSDAY CLOCK from Johns and legendary artists Gary Frank and Brad Anderson. Read more...
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Saturday, 31 December 2016 02:21
Welcome to my 6th consecutive Bleedie Awards! My yearly column where I give totally fabricated awards to the best (in my opinion) in comics and comic themed TV, video games and movies! This year in many ways was an interesting one, with DC revamping their line of books yet again with Rebirth and Marvel once again going to Civil War! Also, the Star Wars comics once again rocked and ruled from a galaxy far away! Read more...
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Sunday, 24 May 2015 17:10
I have been reading the final issues of comics taking place in Marvels 616 Universe. As most of my readers probably know by now, Marvel Comics is following suit from what DC did a few years ago and rebooting their universe after the big blockbuster Secret Wars (technically it’s Secret Wars 4, if you count Bendis’ “Secret War”), and most of the long run and over 70 years of continuity will be (probably) flushed away. I’ve been pretty vocal on how I don’t think reboots are actually the way to do things, in fact, I wrote an entire column on how this was a bad idea. But anyhoo, none of that matters anymore. It’s happening, and the continuity of the comic book company I’ve stood by and loved my entire life is basically going kaput. As I was reading the final issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run, I was pretty bummed out on how things were ended: Iron Man and Captain America basically fighting like infantile school kids while their world gets decimated. THIS is how you end 7 decades of heroism and teamwork between two amazing and celebrated heroes? By having them act like....well...selfish douchebags? Read more...
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Sunday, 10 May 2015 14:41
You know what they say, “you can’t choose your parents”! And the same goes for the world of comics! For every Ma Kent and Susan Richards....well, you get a Mystique and Talia Al Ghul! But keep in mind, even super villain moms love their kids to a degree, and for this special edition Mother’s Day Bleed, I plan on honoring not only the amazing hero-moms, but the ones we love to hate as well! So roll out the red carpet, get the bouquets ready...I’m counting down the Top 10 (But Not Neccessarily BEST) Moms in comics! Read more...
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Sunday, 05 April 2015 13:48
So, I’m probably the most embarrassing guy to go see a superhero movie with. I get pretty excited. Like, REALLY excited. I sometimes squeal like a little girl at little things I see in the background, that like maybe 1 third of people in the theater even see. I’m an easter egg addict. And not just the candy (although I’ve been known to demolish entire bags of Cadbury mini-eggs...and I’m not at all ashamed), I mean when comic book movies put in little things EXCLUSIVELY for the hardcore comic book fans. And pretty much all of them do it. They are EVERYWHERE...not just when Stan Lee pops up for his mandatory cameo...there’s tons more! Since it is Easter weekend, I decided to do my Bleeder Buddies a solid and count down the tippy-top 10 Comic Book Movie easter eggs! Read more...
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Monday, 22 December 2014 12:28
c52656e1140359b62b27ef274bb13f49How does one cope with being the police captain in a city overrun by Metahuman super criminals and speedster vigilantes? Well, Patrick Sabongui seems to take it all in stride. Patrick is a Montreal born actor/director/stuntman that has worked on a lot of movies over the years. You will recognize him from quite a few movies and TV shows including Tron: Legacy, 300, Cabin In The Woods, Sucker Punch, Fringe, Watchmen, Stargate: Atlantis and MANY more! But his recurring role as Captain David Singh on CW’s hit show, The Flash is possibly his biggest to date, and while Singh seems to be a stern, no-nonsense type, I had the opportunity to chat with Patrick last week and he couldn’t be more opposite of that! Patrick was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk about his beginnings as an actor, breaking barriers with his role as Capt. Singh and working with not only the Scarlet Speedster himself but the King of the Monsters as well! Read more...
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 13:10
gog leadIt is once again time to do the Top 20 comic books. This, the August edition marks the Anniversary of when I started doing this column 4 years ago. I was at a different site then, but no matter this column has run monthly now for four whole years. Things I have noticed over the 4 years are: Some of you folks really like the breakdown portion of the column, but most couldn't care less. Batman has had the number one book on the Top 20 list almost twice as much as any other book on the list. Marvel has been the Top producer almost twice as many times as DC. DC has only taken the top slot this year once. Finally I have written NA more times this year on the Top 20 list more than any other year, or two years combined. What does all that tell you? Not a dang thing. Well maybe that there have been more number one books this last year or so than any other time I have been writing the list other than the New 52 debut.   Read more...
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