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Sunday, 29 November -0001 19:00
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man! Let’s be honest, Spidey has not had the easiest time being adapted to the big screen. While the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire trilogy and even the Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield films have their fans, they had their share of critics too. Read more...
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 14:42
Growing up with the proportional strength, speed and agility of a spider ain't easy! Spider-Man: Homecoming is the latest Spidey movie reboot, but with a twist! He's now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Tony Stark/Iron Man is his mentor! Read more...
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 13:17
Today we got a huge treat as Marvel and Sony gifted us with a brand new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer! Filled with brand new footage, more Vulture, more Iron Man/Tony Stark and a bit more insight into the plot, fans are getting more and more excited to see the first ever MCU connected Spidey movie! Read more...
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Monday, 13 March 2017 16:16
Here we are fully underway in 2017 and there are a helllluva lot of comic book movies happening this year! I’m excited! Now I know that’s no surprise...people call me the most positive fanboy on the planet. I give every movie the chance to impress me, and I admit it, I’m an easy sell. That’s just the person I am. I suppose I’m simply one of those fans that remembers a time when comic book and superhero movies were few and far between, and clearly not the level they are now. I am enjoying this amazing era we are living in! Read more...
Published in Movies & TV
Sunday, 11 October 2015 16:12
“What is the one super power you wish you could have?” is probably a question I have been asked a million times. It’s maybe the most asked question that people ask someone who spends their life surrounded by superhero comics, movies, etc. Well, I personally say telekinesis, because when you can move things with your mind, you can do most of the things other powers allow you to do (also, you never have problems reaching anything or asking someone to get something for you ever again in your life...something I would love). But I think most peoples’ answer is “to fly”, right? Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Sunday, 08 December 2013 13:59
amazingspiderman2-usatoday5-fullIt’s been awhile since I’ve done an “opinion” themed column like this. But I cannot stay silent ANY longer! I have been a long-time defender of the “superhero movie” genre. They are fun, entertaining, and seeing my favorite superheroes and villains on the big screen has been an absolute pleasure for me an many comic book aficionados for over ten years. After all, while I was growing up the only really good comic book films were Tim Burton’s two Batman films and The Mask (a movie that many people don’t even know to be comic book related). That’s pretty much it. The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie could be added to the list, I suppose. When Blade starring Wesley Snipes came out in 1998, it was the beginning of something really special era for comic book fans. The comic book movie genre was in full swing, and while many adaptations have been seen as misses to many (Green Lantern, Ghost Rider and Daredevil to name a few), it has generally been an exciting time to be a comic book fan. But now I am a bit concerned. While Marvel Studios (who, let’s be clear, produce all of the movies in the Avengers franchise, and NOT the Spider-Man or X-Men films), seems to have a well conceived plan and layout for their films, it turns out most of the movie studios, especially Warner Bros., who develop DC Comics movie properties, are left to catch up. And I don’t think they fully understand that more often than not in superhero movies, less is definitely more. Consider this an open letter, Hollywood! Things need to be taken A LOT slower when developing long-lasting and respected franchises. Read more...
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Thursday, 28 July 2011 16:57
Hey Bleederz! How was your action-packed SDCC week?!!? (if you don’t know that SDCC means San Diego Comic really have no place on this site!!) Lots of geekery to talk about, and there’s been quite a gap between  me writing Ep 1..even if it’s been a week for you guys. Maybe. I dunno.  What I’m saying is I’ve come from the future to blog the crap outta you guys!!! You are VERY welcome. Read more...
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