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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 15:49
It’s not every day that I get to interview a talent artist who should be working for one of the big comic book publishers, let alone be friends with one for over a decade. Tim Doyle is an underrated force in the world of comic book and pop culture art and has been running Nakatomi for almost seven years. He’s come a long way since working at Funny Papers, a now defunct comic book store that was located in Dobie Mall on the edge of campus at the University of Texas. I recently caught up with him after a couple of years at the Austin Comic Con in Austin, TX and talked shop and what’s on his current pull list. Read more...
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Monday, 14 July 2014 13:34
top leadHere we are in mid-July and the numbers for the month of June have finally hit. As this is the second quarter of the year for comic book sales let's do a quick recap of the months proceeding this one. January, February, March and May were all down as far as the numbers went. April had a big month aided by the release of Amazing Spider-Man #1, and here we are looking at June. It hasn't all been doom or gloom as some months some area's did better than others, and there hasn't been a month yet (besides May)  where the numbers fell to a great or even moderate extent. That said compared to last year at the end of the first quarter the numbers have shown a downward trend and coming into this second quarter I have been a little nervous to see what we had. I have given a ton of reasons why I think we saw a dip in numbers and some of those are proving to be pretty much dead on, some not so much, but we will get to that by the end of the year column as always. So what do we have this month? We have a return of the number one spot on the Top 25 after a short hiatus, we have something I thought we would never see on the either of the lists I put out once a month, and we have for the time being some pretty good numbers to look at for once, so let's get started.   Read more...
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