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Monday, 09 February 2015 11:58
 Way back in the stone age of 1982 a little rock group (hard rock group) called Van Halen put out an album called Diver Down which had a cover of the Kinks song "Where Have All The Good Times Gone". The Kinks put it on a B-side (if you don't know what that is Google it, if you do, then you know it didn't fair well). None the less it ha become an anthem whether by the Kinks or Van Halen and it truly fits the mood I am in as I write this.   Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Friday, 24 August 2012 13:59
Turn Up The Radio! (Huh? What's A Radio?) There is a saying that goes "money makes the world go round". That may be true but we think it might be much more likely that it is music - not money. We (societal definition of we) having been listening to music from inception. Think about it, we are sung to in the womb, rocked to sleep by dulcet tones of our parents, take music in school, and most games we play have some sort of musical background as youngsters. As we grew we had AM FM then satellite radio (AM? ), LP's, Ep' and 45 RPMs' (THAT is just gibberish right?), 8 Tracks (8 tra-hoozitz?) cassette players (what), CD players (again what) and now the ever popular mp3 or iPod (OOH I get it). Read more...
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