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Thursday, 18 May 2017 20:34
The 4th season of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has indeed been all over the place, but it’s been (arguably) the best one the show has ever done, and without any blatant connections to a Marvel Studios film. Sure there was Daisy Johnson’s Sokovia Accords hearing and Jeff Mace/The Patriot’s fame he got from being an “accidental hero” during U.N. attack (both being events from Captain America: Civil War) and the introduction of the mysterious Darkhold, a mystical book that delves into the same territory as Doctor Strange, but for the most part this season of AoS basically ran on its own steam. And, thanks to the assist by Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider and the amazing job by the show’s special effects team, the series has been all the better for it. Read more...
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Thursday, 11 May 2017 16:28
Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that title. Don’t worry, Fitz didn’t hit any fans in this week’s episode. But plenty of other stuff that rhymes with Fitz did! The Agents thought it was smooth sailing when they escaped the Framework, but silly them! Things are never smooth with them. As soon as one problem is solved, an even bigger one arises. This week was prime example of that. Read more...
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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 23:59
It’s been a great fourth season of AoS so far. Starting with the MCU debut of Robbie Reyes, the new Ghost Rider, and the LMD story arc has been pretty awesome, but in my eyes, this latest episode of Agents truly took the crown as probably the best episode of the season so far. Building up to this, we saw the Watchdogs and their leader The Superior along with former S.H.I.E.L.D. ally Holden Radcliffe and his sinister and seductive LMD Aida take Director Mace prisoner and last week Coulson and the crew came to the rescue....but then, things got weird. Somewhere along the mission (I’m still not sure when or how) Aida replaced almost the entire team with evil LMDs! Read more...
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Thursday, 26 July 2012 10:58
Identity Theft | Columnists Crossover! Issue #10 | Bloody Transcripts Three  All-New #1’s Hey, class!!! Sorry, your usual teacher is off on vaycay and who’s your substitute this week? THIS GUY! *points thumbs to himself* If I was to take example from all of the substitute teachers from my academic past, I would throw in a VHS of a horrible movie (one guy put on Scanners II in high school once, which was odd, but I kinda dug the attempt), or give you guys photocopied wordsearch sheets. Hangman was always fun, though, right? Read more...
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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 15:03
Okay, first off, before anyone tries to ban me from the internet, I was born a paraplegic boy and grew into a (quite handsome) paraplegic man, so I’m one of the only comic book/ pop culture columnists around that has absolutely every right in the world to do this column and make light of this subject. So neener neener, okay? Go get angry at Seth McFarlane and Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone or whatever you activisty people do. I guess I’m sort of wondering why it took me so long to write this may seem like a no-brainer to some of you. I think I’m just a dude that goes through his life not thinking about what I can’t do, but what I’m able to do. Being disabled my entire life, this is just something that comes naturally. Plus, I do my darn best to make this column as fun as possible and not be too self indulgent. Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
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