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Friday, 05 May 2017 16:20
Last week, still jacked into the Framework, Coulson and the crew “raged against the machine”...literally, and hijacked Sunil Bakshi’s (yeah, THAT jerk came back) pro-Hydra talk show...and basically told the world that Hydra is “fake news”. That was merely step one in trouncing Aida’s fabricated world. Next would be escaping the Framework altogether, and finally waking up. Read more...
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Thursday, 27 April 2017 16:26
While last week’s episode wasn’t the fastest paced episode all season, it did provide us with a shocking ending! Coulson and Jeff Mace a.k.a. The Patriot infiltrated Hydra HQ to find Daisy Johnson (who had been captured), while there they rescued Trip (HE’S BACK!), who had been embedded in Hydra as a double agent only to be discovered and captured. They also discovered that children (some of Coulson’s students even) were being brainwashed!! While saving the kids, Aida and Evil Fitz ordered a Quinjet to take down the entire building where the kids were being conditioned. After discovering the horrible things Hydra was doing to innocent children, May, who had been a pretty nasty and loyal Hydra agent, switched sides and decided to help. BUT in order for everyone to escape, Mace had to sacrifice his life. At the end of the episode, May goes to Daisy’s cell and breaks open a Terrigen crystal, cocooning Daisy and giving her back her Quake abilities. Read more...
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Thursday, 09 October 2014 13:03
Agents-of-SHIELD-SimmonsLast season, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was wrought with highs and lows. The ratings dropped a big deal after the show's series premiere broke records in terms of viewers, and there are many reasons for that. I think once a lot of fans realized that Iron Man wouldn't be flying around in the background and the Hulk wouldn't be smashing into the room like the Kool-Aid Man to visit Agent Coulson and the gang on a regular basis, many lost interest. As silly as that would be, many people don't want to watch a Marvel product without Marvel heroes. Give them a talking racoon, at least. The other reason is because, well, the show itself looks and feels a bit second rate next to the Marvel product we are accustomed to, and that is to be expected from an hour-long ABC show about a team of super-spies investigating the "freak of the week". And let's face it, that's the premise of AoS. Read more...
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