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Sunday, 21 September 2014 15:33
Brian PulidoIt's not often I get to speak to a comic book legend and someone who has made his/her mark on the comics industry and changed things, but at Montreal ComicCon...well, anything can happen! And I got my chance to meet and interview one of the most innovative comic book writers in recent memory. Brian Pulido is a bit different than most comic book creators. Instead of making his name by writing comics about other people's characters, which was most common in 90's, Pulido created his own comics universe from scratch, came up with his own menagerie of wild characters like Lady Death, Evil Ernie and Purgatori, and tapped into the combined horror and heavy metal market like nobody else in comics history. Chaos! Comics in its 9 year run as a publisher, took sexyness, gore and violence to the next level and began a whole new era of edgy, indie comic books in a "Comics Code Authority" oriented industry, and helped usher in a new age of comics for grownups. And adult readers ate it up! Read more...
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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 11:16
celticI support the Scottish football team Celtic, who recently qualified for  the Group Stage of the Champion's League. Celtic was the first British  team to win the European Cup and over the years has had enormous success  in European football. They have reached countless finals and semi-finals, yet despite their glory, Scottish football has been in decline. Last year, each team in the English Premier League earned a massive £60 million ($93 million), with additional funds being obtained based on  their final position in the league, performance in domestic cups and  their performance in European football. In contrast, winners of the Scottish Premier Football League win a mere  £2 million ($3.1 million). Scottish teams are starved of funds and are  unable to afford the wage demands of players of notable quality.  Scottish teams continue to sell their top players so that the income  generated can help them to stay alive. Sadly, many Scottish teams are on  the verge of bankruptcy and urgent and dramatic action needs to be taken to ensure the survival of the remaining Scottish teams.   Read more...
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