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Friday, 28 October 2016 16:41
We genre fans are getting closer towards Halloween, and I am sure some of us have already worked out our lists on what to do in celebrating this year's Halloween. Plus, there is Halloween Comicfest happening on the last Saturday of this month, making the coming weekend officially Halloween weekend as it is the weekend right before Halloween itself. Not only are there a few horror movies to choose from to see in movie theaters this month, but there is also a line-up of free-to-access comic book items we can look forward to choosing from during this year's Halloween Comicfest, and I bet some of you are already enjoying the Halloween-themed episodes just released, including this year's "Treehouse of Horror" episode of The Simpsons. Read more...
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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 13:47
Back in 2014, Brazil held the 2014 FIFA World Cup men's football tournament. In case some of you are not sport fans, FIFA is like the olympics except it is multiple nations just playing one sport against each other. For fans of anime, manga, and Japanese video games, 2014's FIFA proved to be one they can never forget, and we have the Pokémon mascot Pikachu to thank as the iconic fictional mouse got to serve as the Japanese team's mascot during the sport event with approval from Nintendo's The Pokémon Company of course (and let's thank Nintendo too for making this possible). However, Pikachu is not the first Japanese pop culture icon to officually serve as a sport team mascot as another icon, Leo from the Osamu Tezuka-created manga serial Jungle Emperor got this opportunity back in 1978, licensed for mascot use from Osamu Tezuka's Tezuka Productions by the Japan-based baseball team Seibu lions (currently called "Saitama Seibu Lions"). Read more...
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Thursday, 16 June 2016 17:02
A recurring tradition at genre conventions is that those attending are allowed the option to dress up as characters and mechanisms (like say spaceships and big robots) from works of fiction, and we genre fans can never get enough of them no matter the frequency of people cosplaying each character or mechanism. As a matter of fact, we enjoy seeing cosplays so much that many of us would never dare to attend a genre convention without cameras on us. Read more...
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Thursday, 19 May 2016 17:26
Days ago, I had the opportunity to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (reviewed by ENR's very own Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty back in early April) in movie theaters as I did not want to miss out on watching this now-landmark in the history of American superhero movies before it is no longer available for access in cinemas. Although I respected its director Zack Snyder's efforts in setting his version of Batman's first encounter with superpowered beings apart from the way DC Universe canon usually depicts it, I personally felt turned off by the last several minutes due to the direction it took in terms of Superman's role. To be honest, I was so disappointed that now I am unsure about if I ever wanted to see this iconic character again in any future live-action screen productions. So while I despised the ending as a Superman fan, I accepted the dark violent tone as a fan of both Batman and Wonder Woman. Read more...
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Monday, 09 May 2016 16:49
Over the years I have celebrated Free Comic Book Day, I have noticed that some specially designated comic book one-shots published for distribution during this annual event only were a means to sample stories from comic book series that already launched, including already-launched titles that are still running. I, for one, find this is a good thing as they provide new readers a taste of what they can expect when they decide to check old and new issues. As a tradition, some North America-based comic book stores taking part in Free Comic Book Day distribute FCBD sample editions of Japanese comic book series distributed by their respective North America-based English language edition publishers.  Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 17:55
As a fanboy, I seem to always have a thing for action/adventure comics, films, and television programs about all-star teams; you know teams consisting of major fictional heroes. We have Justice League of America (starring the biggest super-heroes of the DC Universe), Justice Society of Society (starring the major super-heroes from specifaclly DC Comics' golden age), Avengers (starring the most major of the Marvel Universe's super-heroes), Masks (starring an all-star group of fictional heroes originating in pulp magazines), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (starring literature characters of public domain), Swords of Sorrow (starring an all-star team of heroines to which Dynamite Entertainment holds comic book publication rights), etc. There is even The Expendables, which centers around a team of heroes played by legendary action movie actors. Heck, my enthusiasm of the team concept led me to end up writing about my superhero dream teams for ENR; 2 to be exact, but you get the picture. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Wednesday, 17 June 2015 12:20
For many years, a number of filmmaking countries (including the United States and Canada of course) each has maintained a history of creating works of fiction intended to re-interpret characters and/or stories that originated in storytelling from another country, sometimes changing the setting of the story in particular and/or cultural backgrounds of main characters. The U.S. film and television industry, for example, has a history of creating films and television programs based onJapanese content; 1960's The Magnificent Seven being a cowboy re-imagining of the 1954 samurai-themed film The Seven Samurai, the 1993 Saturday morning cartoon series Sonic the Hedgehog being based on the popular Japanese video game franchise from Sega, 2008's Speed Racer being a remake of the 1960s anime with American actors playing and capturing the visual likenesses of the classic's main characters, 2014's Godzilla being a hit film that placed Godzilla's main battle in the U.S. while being faithful to the character's essence, etc.  Read more...
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015 15:00
One of the things that has always made wrestling events (including of course the televised kind) fun is that there are no rules on how fighters are to fight, and the same can be said about video games where players play fictional characters battling it out with each other. And, do you remember the clay animation sitcom Celebrity Deathmatch, where fictional versions of real-world celebrities take part in deadly wrestling matches in a battle arena? I am sure some of you do remember watching it on MTV2, and I know I saw some episodes. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
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