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Monday, 19 January 2015 13:20
SHIELD-1-Coulson-Trivia-KingThere are very few secondary characters that have broken the glass ceiling of support to go main stream in comics. It happens all the time on TV where we see spin offs all the time. George Jefferson was nothing more than a supporting character on All in the Family, but became a star of his own show after just one season. Robin had his own book for a while, but Dick Greyson had to become Nightwing to make a title for himself. I say that because it does happen, some comic book support characters do sometimes get their own book. It is usually a sidekick, but hey even Jimmie Olson and Lois Lane had their own books back in the day (propped up by Superman making an appearance every issue). Now a day you just don't see it happen. When have you ever read J Jonah Jameson #1? Lets face it, if you are a supporting character you are just not going to get your own book, be the star of your own book, or get more than a special issue in the Heroes book, where the hero still makes an appearance unless you have a super power, Right? Wrong! It seems all you had to do was be in SHIELD (and you know be in a Marvel movie). Read more...
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