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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 14:39
Welcome back to our weekly journey through the television episodic goodness that is Supergirl which airs on Monday nights. In the offseason Supergirl changed networks, leaving CBS and joining the Arrow-verse on the network’s sister station, CW. Changes often bring turmoil to a series and this season they have added Superman to the premieres further risking the Kara character to receding back into the shadow of her cousin. After watching the first two episodes (the said two-part premiere) I was both thrilled and horrified, warmed with joy and overcome with sadness. This alone would me Supergirl a great viewing experience, but the golden lining of this series isn’t in what they give you up front but their strict adherence to thematic device. Read more...
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Friday, 01 April 2016 15:30
A die hard Batman Fangirl reviews the Man of Steel sequel, where there really isn’t much of Man of Steel. Spoilers ahoy! Seriously. Read more...
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Saturday, 11 July 2015 16:19
Are you ready to see the most anticipated trailer to come out of San Diego Comic Con? Well it's here! WB has unveiled its first full Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and it has a lot that we've been clamoring for! Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in full costume, Lex Luthor(Jesse Eisenberg) scheming , Batman (Ben Affleck) in action and more plot details! And not to mention Superman and Batman face to face! Oh yeah! It's on now! Read more...
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Thursday, 07 August 2014 10:37
ActionComics#595-10The Death of Superman!! No, not THAT one!! This death of Superman is in Action Comics #595, cover dated December 1987 (this is when Action Comics was a team up title)!! It starts with the villain of the issue, The Silver Banshee, walking past a construction site to a chorus of cat calls from the workers. (This begs the question -- WHO, in their right mind, is going to HIT on a woman who is CHALK WHITE and whose face resembles a SKULL ??) In response, Silver Banshee simply touches the iron worker, and he becomes a husk and dies. Silver Banshee casually tosses him aside, and goes on her way. Next, she goes into a used bookshop; callously murdering the proprietor before turning the bookstore upside down. An eyewitness proclaims "It -- It was just flat out the weirdest thing I ever heard!!" and that the Silver Banshee's shriek was "like if somebody who'd been dead for a thousand years could talk THAT'S what they'd sound like!!" Police put in a call to Captain Maggie Sawyer, whose unit specializes in "super trouble" Captain Sawyer is in the middle of her own problem -- her nine year old daughter has gone missing (this subplot would see fruition in Superman # 15). Read more...
Published in DC Comics
Friday, 14 June 2013 00:34
man-of-steel-cavillHey, Bleederz! It has finally arrived! Zack Snyder's long awaited Superman reboot has landed into theaters and I got the chance to behold it a bit early, thanks to Warner Bros.! Just a heads up, I do my best to not spoil anything, but I also strive to make an entertaining column, so some spoilery stuff may seep through!!! Don't say you weren't warned! Read more...
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