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Monday, 29 May 2017 17:46
Injustice: Gods Among Us was only just the beginning. NetherRealm, the same video game studio that develops the Mortal Kombat series has yet another blockbuster Fighter franchise on their hands. Injustice delves into an alternate DC Universe where Earth’s greatest hero, Superman, becomes the type of tyrannical villain he was once sworn to oppose after he executes The Joker. The snowball effect of that event creates a world where our heroes and villains are drastically changed and the status quo of the DC Universe is flipped upside down. The first game’s story mode had the heroes of a more familiar Earth come to help Batman’s rebels battle Superman’s regime, but this new installment shows us the aftermath of that story. A new threat emerges as Brainiac (who is responsible for the destruction of Krypton in this reality) attacks Earth’s cities and enlists the world’s vilest menaces to aide him. Read more...
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Sunday, 24 May 2015 17:10
I have been reading the final issues of comics taking place in Marvels 616 Universe. As most of my readers probably know by now, Marvel Comics is following suit from what DC did a few years ago and rebooting their universe after the big blockbuster Secret Wars (technically it’s Secret Wars 4, if you count Bendis’ “Secret War”), and most of the long run and over 70 years of continuity will be (probably) flushed away. I’ve been pretty vocal on how I don’t think reboots are actually the way to do things, in fact, I wrote an entire column on how this was a bad idea. But anyhoo, none of that matters anymore. It’s happening, and the continuity of the comic book company I’ve stood by and loved my entire life is basically going kaput. As I was reading the final issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run, I was pretty bummed out on how things were ended: Iron Man and Captain America basically fighting like infantile school kids while their world gets decimated. THIS is how you end 7 decades of heroism and teamwork between two amazing and celebrated heroes? By having them act like....well...selfish douchebags? Read more...
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Wednesday, 06 June 2012 17:05
Gifted reader, I know you don’t live under a rock so I’m not going to talk down to you in this lecture as if you didn’t know that BEFORE WATCHMEN isDC Comics’ blockbuster summer event, a publishing phenomenon that is sure to give Marvel’s AVENGERS VERSUS X-MEN summer event a run for local comic shop receipts. DC Comics is poised to attack an unsuspecting comic book market with its second blockbuster event in a year’s time with the mildly controversial advent of seven limited series of prequels for – gasp! – what’s that? WATCHMEN??? Are they really going to commit this egregious, heinous, immoral act of blasphemy? How could they, against the great Alan Moore’s wishes, have the audacity to unearth the characters he and Dave Gibbons introduced to the world over twenty-six years ago, and how could they – DC Entertainment – do so for commercial gain, regardless of the fact that they might actually achieve some artistic merit? At least this is the sense that has prevailed among the skeptics, naysayers and cranky conspiracy theorist. They wonder if the DC powers-that-be are out of their Kryptonite-smoking minds. Well, the answer may surprise you because this eyewitness came away from C2E2 back in April with proof to the contrary. Read more...
Thursday, 16 February 2012 09:58
Watching the (superpowered) Detectives! In honor of the upcoming Watchmen Prequels that are on the horizon, I decided to crack open my Xmas present, the Watchmen Motion Comic DVD (non-BluRay). I was told that it was just sitting there on a stack of lonesome DVDs at the drug store (forgive the sacrilege; my hometown is bereft of a comic book shop, unless you count my house). If you are uninitiated in Watchmenese, you can catch up here.  I’ve been putting this off for a while now, being a devotee of the printed work and completely let down by Zack Snyder (he Zack Snydered all over it) I was weary to be get my hopes up for this one. Like many of my comrades in the biz, Watchmen stands as the sentry of the craft, and you just don’t mess with it (though this doesn’t seem to stop anyone from doing so). Oh well, I put on my big boy pants and popped this lovely into the movie box… Time to Mixx it up! Read more...
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