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Sunday, 30 November 2014 13:24
5d6c9f39173c18acd79dc0d5ca5c216151cc1e21Okay, calm the frak down! I know I've said that before, but this time I mean it. And I'm not talking to Hollywood this time. I'm talking to fans like myself!! Of course this is about the Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens (that's a long freakin' title) trailer that hit our computer screens and hasn't stopped filling up our news feeds for two days straight. 2 DAYS! It feels like 2 weeks that this thing has been out, doesn't it?! And we have a WHOLE year to irrationally whine about how this thing is going to ruin our childhood (that's completely impossible, by the way...your childhood is over. Unless your a kid, you can't say that thing and your childhood was a phenomenal success! Hug someone)! I'm probably the 40th internet columnist to analyze this thing, but I don't give a Felucian ground beetle! Nobody can do it like the Bleeder King! Read more...
Published in Movies & TV
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 12:10
the-old-republic-logoBioware has announced that they will release a new space-based  expansion for their popular MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic entitled  Galactic Starfighter. While details of this new expansion are limited,  Bioware has released a new video trailer that shows some of the features  and gameplay experiences that players can expect to take part in. Since launch, Star Wars: The Old Republic has contained some space  content which is a far cry from what fans expected to experience. Each  character class has access to their own starship, which in a way acts as  player housing. Unlike many MMOs, this starship cannot be altered or  customised to suit the player's needs, but rather acts as a single  player base of operations to move from one planet to the next or to  interact with companions. The game also allows players to take part in PVE space battles, yet  this content is designed in a similar style to Nintendo's Starfox.  Players are unable to roam freely in space and are forced to continue along a predefined path. Rewards are limited and whilst enjoyable, never live up to expectations. Read more...
Published in Video Games
Thursday, 20 December 2012 13:07
Apparently, this time of year is notorious for people making lists – especially a guy in a red suit, or so I’m told. *firing up the generators…* We have to check them twice and find out if... Yeah, you get the idea. *tachyons accelerating…* Making lists is part of my job as a journalist. *configuring…* It makes it easier to find a topic and often topics evolve naturally from them. *broadcasting in 3..2..1..* The Monsters column evolved from one such list as did the Champions series (on hiatus, not forgotten!) So this week comes the turn of some of science fictions finest creations – may they travel in miles, warp or time. Part of the fun of sci-fi is to be able to dream up ways in which we get from A to B and sometimes C often going via E and back again. The more outlandish the better! .......BEGIN TRANSMISSION....... Read more...
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