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Sunday, 13 July 2014 14:32
76058-158300-mary-jane_superSo, here we are! I’ve let you wait an ENTIRE week and it’s finally here! Part 2 of my ultra-super list of the single panels that speak a thousand words! The entries #20 to 11 had so many classic panels from Superman getting kissed in the face to getting punched in it! And from Cyclops killing the man who pretty much raised him to Wolverine getting ripped in two! Can you believe there are ten more that are even better than that?! If you missed Part 1 or need a refresher, here it is. Notice that Part 1 contained absolutely ZERO panels from Spider-Man comics? That’s weird! Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 10:32
The Inevitable Cross-over Issue rob 3Not every cross-over is a huge, house-wide event. Some are more subtle and often work better in condensing the story or setting up a wider arc. They set the wheels in motion and allow for more sensitive and cosy interactions with characters, for instance, they are always meeting for the first time across incredible battlefields or are under attack from planet-devouring monstrosities. Other times, they are a company’s first attempt at a crossover and they don’t want to put all their franchises into the same mix together. Here, though, that is not the case. IDW has gathered recent experience with the cross-over and, in all fairness, are probably much more accomplished due to the fruits of their labour. The cross-over’s they produce encompass many of their different licences – which are all totally different – yet they somehow manage to find a common ground that ties their books together (see Infestation, Infestation 2 and Mars Attacks). Dark Cybertron is the first to solely affect the Transformers and brings together the Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye titles and also uses the incredible art team from Autocracy and Monstrosity.   Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Sunday, 09 March 2014 13:49
dc_babes1In case you were under a rock this weekend (which would be pretty unfortunate for you, should call someone for help), you know that March 8 is International Women’s Day! Which is a day where we celebrate the wonderful women that have made a difference in the world. Why just one day to celebrate our mothers, sisters, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends and so on?! I say we should at give them a whole month...or at least a weekend. Since I’m “The Bleeder King” (I don’t THINK I actually gave myself that title...but it’s possible) I declare this International Women’s Weekend! Because the ladies in our lives deserve it! And I also get to write this awesome column about the most influential female characters in the world of comics! Now to be clear, I’m not talking about the characters that are just cool, or badass or popular (although they are all of those things), I am focusing on the characters that have come into their own and have impacted comics and pop culture. Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Sunday, 23 February 2014 13:06
x-men500paintingI’m BAAAACK! Yes, Bleeder Nation, after a brief hiatus your king is back and ready to continue to bleed comics all over the internet, and while my 3 week hospital stay was excruciatingly boring and tedious, I realized something. Sometimes you need something taken away from you to fully appreciate it! All I could think of was getting back to writing The Bleed and sharing my wacky take on the world of pop culture! So, what better way to celebrate my return than an entire column dedicated to my favorite comic franchise?! That’s right! It’s time to rev up the ‘ol “list machine” and do a column that’s long in the making. The Top X-Men team lineups! Read more...
Published in Marvel Comics
Sunday, 22 December 2013 15:01
  bleediesThat’s right, Bleeder Nation, it’s that time again! It’s that special event that we all wait with baited breath where I, your jolly Bleeder King rounds the year up for comic book fans by giving out completely fabricated awards to the best comics, movies, games, writers and artists and whoever else I want! It’s the third annual Bleedies, and there was so many wacky events in comics and comic themed mediums I don’t even know where to begin. There was just so much happening! For most people 2013 will be remembered as the year of Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs,“The Pride of Canada”, Rob Ford, the Obamacare saga, that What Does The Fox Say song, and the dreaded two-headed monster only  known as “Kimye”. But for us? The purveyors of geekdom? Well, it was the year of Henry Cavill and his super-chest hair, Villains Month 3D covers, Battfleck and quite a few comics with SEX in the title. Do you know what it’s like to work in a place where it’s totally cool to yell out “HAS ANYONE SEEN THE LATEST SEX?!” Or asking the question, “who is loving Sex Criminals?” Well, I do. And it’s awesome. Read more...
Published in Pop Culture
Sunday, 04 August 2013 09:43
The-Wolverine-wallpaper-720x450After the train wreck that was Wolverine: X-Men Origins in which almost every character in that movie received a shoddy treatment at the hands of director Gavin Hood. Many wondered if the character that Hugh Jackman so brilliantly brought to life back in July of 2000 could be salvaged. I can answer this honestly with a resounding yes because this movie is the Wolverine movie that fans have clamored for.     Read more...
Published in Movie Reviews
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 10:03
TheWolverine_CampC (1)The Wolverine FINALLY has a full-length trailer, and boy does it look cool! Hugh Jackman reprises his role in Wolvie's second solo film, the adamantium boned mutant ventures to Japan to fight Viper, Silver Samurai and of course, NINJAS! Ninjas are gonna get snikted and X-fans everywhere are elated! The Japanese/samurai aspects of Wolverine are finally being explored in live-action! Read more...
Published in Previews
Monday, 25 February 2013 14:08
2749997-the_wolverineEvery year the Marvel editors and writers get together for the big company retreat and discuss and organize all the plans for their comics over the next year so there aren’t any continuity mistakes in the shared universe. Usually this is all pretty hush-hush. Except for this year there was a leak that broke just last week that I found exceptionally disturbing. Marvel may have plans to kill off Wolverine sometime over the next year.   Y’know, deaths in comics aren't a new thing. Jean Grey’s first demise happened the year I was born, so I was a bit young to remember it, but my older brother had the story and I simply loved it growing up, not so much for Jean Grey dying as much as the fight between The X-Men and the Imperial Guard leading up to it. Superman’s death was arguably the beginning of the trend of killing off big, marquee characters to sell comic books and gain mainstream attention. And it was very well done. It kept me reading Superman comics for a few years. Read more...
Published in Marvel Comics
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