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Thursday, 13 August 2015 16:01
In 2005, 20th Century Fox took a stab at making a live-action film based on the first family of Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four, while the movie made money and Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis had great performances, it wasn’t the film that fans had hoped for. Two years later, a sequel was made and not even the presence of the Silver Surfer could have saved that film. Years later a reboot of the popular foursome was announced with Josh Trank, director of the unexpected hit Chronicle, in the director’s chair and a cast full of young and capable actors. Needless to say, fans were intrigued and excited. Would the third time be the charm for this franchise? To be honest, HELL NO. This movie is boring, poorly paced, overly dark for no reason, and contains a climax that’s out of place and just plain puzzling. Read more...
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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 09:07
F4It's here! The official trailer for the new Fantastic Four reboot due this summer! And while opinions of the trailer are mixed, it definitely shows an FF like we've never seen before! Starring Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch), Kate Mara (Invisible Woman), Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Jamie Bell (The Thing) and Toby Kebbell (Doom), the movie promises a much darker tone and more serious version of Marvel's first family. Love it? Hate it? Not sure yet? You decide! Here's the first trailer! Read more...
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Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:45
admin-ajax.phpSnowpiercer, an adaptation of the graphic novel Le Transperceneige by ambitious director Joon-ho Bong, has had a very troubled history on its way to the silver screen. From the Weinsteins wanting a shorter cut and opening and closing monologues being added to the film receiving only a limited release, this movie has had controversy written all over it. However, curious moviegoers shouldn’t let the negative aura around it scare them away from seeing the movie as it’s one of my favorite movies of the summer and is a movie that is filled with good ideas and one in which you don’t have to turn your brain off to enjoy. Snowpiercer follows a failed global warming experiment that has killed almost all life on Earth by plunging the Earth into another Ice Age. For the lucky few survivors, the only sanctuary they have is aboard the Snowpiercer, a train that travels around the globe, which has a class system installed with the poor being relegated to the back of the train while the upper class occupy the front. The poor led by Curtis Everett (Chris Evans) and his mentor Gilliam (John Hurt) plan an uprising that could turn the tide in this class system, but also greatly thin the ranks of both elite and poor on the train.   Read more...
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