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Wednesday, 14 December 2016 13:35
Recently, word came out that Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (an action animated television series that I have never seen) got included in The New York Times' list of the 10 best television shows to air on Saturdays in America for 2016 with the superhero anime T.V. series My Hero Academia being in the same magazine's list of the 10 best international television programs of 2016. To be honest, hearing this news left me with mixed feelings; while I'm happy to hear of their the mainstream status as well as the honor they recently received, part of me fears it may lead to an increase in viewers who deem the trend of American screen production versions of anime/manga properties (both live-action and animated kinds) as redundant with a number of them likely to end up trying to push the American media into abandoning it altogether, especially when some are likely taking the recent news as a sign that Japanese animation is now a mainstream deal in North America. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Monday, 27 June 2016 17:16
Days ago, comic book publisher Titan Comics announced that it will be launching a new comic book series based on Robotech sometime in early 2017. As a fan of the giant robot trope in both comics and screen productions, I got super excited as it meant not only more Robotech story content despite the absence of detail on what the series will be about, but also another giant robot-themed sci-fi epic to look forward to reading in comic print after reading the six-issue comic book miniseries Voltron: From the Ashes, which like the upcoming comic book series, is based on an American sci-fi television series that is in turn a re-edit and re-dub of multiple unrelated anime series put together. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Thursday, 16 June 2016 17:02
A recurring tradition at genre conventions is that those attending are allowed the option to dress up as characters and mechanisms (like say spaceships and big robots) from works of fiction, and we genre fans can never get enough of them no matter the frequency of people cosplaying each character or mechanism. As a matter of fact, we enjoy seeing cosplays so much that many of us would never dare to attend a genre convention without cameras on us. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 16:19
In 1941, the world was introduced to who may not be the first female superhero ever introduced, but is nevertheless one of the most famous of all superheroines. Yes, we talking a character created by William Moulton Marston known as "Diana Prince", the first depicted of female characters of the DC Universe franchise to maintain the moniker of "Wonder Woman". While multiple versions of this character have been introduced over the years, her life story has always shown her as a long black haired warrior princess of an all-women culture who is as physically strong as the man of steel that is Superman, gifted with intellectual abilities and fantastic powers, and is never afraid to bare some skin while in the battlefield. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 17:55
As a fanboy, I seem to always have a thing for action/adventure comics, films, and television programs about all-star teams; you know teams consisting of major fictional heroes. We have Justice League of America (starring the biggest super-heroes of the DC Universe), Justice Society of Society (starring the major super-heroes from specifaclly DC Comics' golden age), Avengers (starring the most major of the Marvel Universe's super-heroes), Masks (starring an all-star group of fictional heroes originating in pulp magazines), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (starring literature characters of public domain), Swords of Sorrow (starring an all-star team of heroines to which Dynamite Entertainment holds comic book publication rights), etc. There is even The Expendables, which centers around a team of heroes played by legendary action movie actors. Heck, my enthusiasm of the team concept led me to end up writing about my superhero dream teams for ENR; 2 to be exact, but you get the picture. Read more...
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Monday, 08 June 2015 16:49
One of the wonders of fiction when it comes to storytelling that it shows us, the audiences, things we wish could exist in the real world but does not and never will. Although there are unreal things we wouldn't want to exist in our world, we always think of fiction as an escape from reality, which is actually its essence. Sometimes, we find ourselves wishing we could live in the universes of our favorite works of fiction, and that I say is okay because let's face it, fictional characters live in what goes beyond the limits of where we exist in, and sometimes, the real world can seem like a more dull and unpleasant place than the unreal worlds we explore ourselves through consumption of film, radio serials, television, novels, stage plays, and even video games. Read more...
Published in Pop Culture
Sunday, 01 March 2015 07:46
Wonder-Woman-044When we think International Women's Day (or simply "women's day"), we think of it as a March holiday honoring the women in our lives whether it be family members, friends, co-workers, etc. For us genre fans, women's day is more than just that as it is also our way of celebrating our love for our favorite female characters from fiction (especially the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror kinds of fiction), whether it be film, television, comic books, novels, or even video games. There is no doubt that throughout the history of storytelling, the world has been introduced to a huge variety of beloved female characters from fiction, not just heroines but also villainesses (no offense). Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Monday, 08 December 2014 04:18
Shot 4 for Gurren Lagann PieceRemember when I did the review on the premier issue of Marvel Coimics' giant robot-themed comic book series Shogun Warriors for ENR? Well, fellow readers, I had fun doing that. Now, this time, I like to take time to tell you about a Japanese comic book serial that was once in North American print, even in a time when it was rare for Japanese comic book serials about heroes with piloted giant robots to show up in bookstores (and it is still rare today). I am talking a 2007 serial published by ASCII Media Works called "Gurren Lagann", which was written by Kazuki Nakashima, illustrated by Katoru Mori, and adapted from a 2007 Japanese animated television series of the same name created by Nakashima himself and produced by studios Gainax (the company behind the 1995 anime series landmark Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Aniplex. Although it went out of print after its sixth trade paperback volume arrived in North American stores due to the demise of its North American distributor Bandai Entertainment, the series was indeed one fun ride, and I have five reasons why it rocked. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
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