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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 14:21
logo_montreal_comicconWell, it's that time of the year again, Bleeder Nation! Montreal ComicCon has wrapped and my hometown came out to celebrate comics and pop culture in droves! Over 51, 000 of the greatest fans in the world attended! Trekkers, Whovians, True Believers, Hulkamaniacs, Bat-Maniacs, Arrow-heads, Deadheads and everybody in between were all represented at this year's con and Belle Montreal let their geek flags fly! And ENR, eXpertComics, Hype Energy and Heroes of the North all teamed up to celebrate the festivities (with the ultra-talented DJ Vertigo providing the tunes and making our super-booth the spot to hang out at!). We'd like to first and foremost thank everyone that stopped by to join the party! But as always, I gotta start this year's coverage with the cosplay parade! Montrealers are some of the most creative people in the entire continent (and I ain't just saying that because I am one!), and this year they outdid themselves! Read more...
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Wednesday, 10 September 2014 08:18
Flash_0072Great finds part 2 !! ( The sequel or  Son of great finds)  A while back, I did a column about great know, when you find that certain something unexpectedly, something that you have been searching high and low for (Sometimes for YEARS!)  Or you have never seen before , but it is certainly something you want in your collection.? EVERYBODY has stories like these. Here then, are a few of mine. In the summer of nineteen eighty five,  I,  like most comic book readers of the day, was a devout fan and reader of the Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi - series. It was the blockbuster of 1985. It was the game changer , where World's will Live, World's will Die , and NOTHING will ever be the same again!" Read more...
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Wednesday, 30 July 2014 11:19
sinestro3Mark Millar’s latest effort is MPH – a group of teens get hold of a drug that gives them super speed and a host of other powers. Like his best work, Millar takes something extra-ordinary (in Kick Ass it was superheroes, Wanted it was super villains and in Kingsman it was super spies) and sets it in a very real, identifiable world. These are teens with real problems who could find all the answers they need if they keep taking MPH. With great power comes great power and these kids know it. Far from ordinary is Sinestro. Everyone’s favourite anti-hero (but he’d hate to be called that) and always diligent villain continues his quest to gain control over his former corps. The mythology of the Sinestro Corps is continuing to be further expanded as huge changes are taking place across the whole Emotional Spectrum. This makes Sinestro all the more potent an individual and a figure to be reckoned with. Read more...
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Sunday, 27 July 2014 17:47
admin-ajax.phpI can’t remember the last time I reviewed two video games back to back, in fact I don’t think I ever have. But after last week’s wrap of The Wolf Among Us I needed a new game to play.  I looked at three or four but decided at last on playing The Lego Movie: The Videogame. I have enjoyed several comic based Lego games before from Batman to Marvel I always enjoyed the friendly controls, fun stories and interesting puzzles to solve on my click brick journeys. Movie adaptations of games are usually as bad as the games that spawn from movies. I don’t know why this is usually the case but since Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat it has been this way.  So I wondered, with Lego’s aptitude for games, this would be a rare exception. I adored The Lego Movie and thought it was smart and funny for the whole family. It’s game time. So let’s get this monkey smoking…   Read more...
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Monday, 14 July 2014 13:34
top leadHere we are in mid-July and the numbers for the month of June have finally hit. As this is the second quarter of the year for comic book sales let's do a quick recap of the months proceeding this one. January, February, March and May were all down as far as the numbers went. April had a big month aided by the release of Amazing Spider-Man #1, and here we are looking at June. It hasn't all been doom or gloom as some months some area's did better than others, and there hasn't been a month yet (besides May)  where the numbers fell to a great or even moderate extent. That said compared to last year at the end of the first quarter the numbers have shown a downward trend and coming into this second quarter I have been a little nervous to see what we had. I have given a ton of reasons why I think we saw a dip in numbers and some of those are proving to be pretty much dead on, some not so much, but we will get to that by the end of the year column as always. So what do we have this month? We have a return of the number one spot on the Top 25 after a short hiatus, we have something I thought we would never see on the either of the lists I put out once a month, and we have for the time being some pretty good numbers to look at for once, so let's get started.   Read more...
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Sunday, 13 July 2014 14:32
76058-158300-mary-jane_superSo, here we are! I’ve let you wait an ENTIRE week and it’s finally here! Part 2 of my ultra-super list of the single panels that speak a thousand words! The entries #20 to 11 had so many classic panels from Superman getting kissed in the face to getting punched in it! And from Cyclops killing the man who pretty much raised him to Wolverine getting ripped in two! Can you believe there are ten more that are even better than that?! If you missed Part 1 or need a refresher, here it is. Notice that Part 1 contained absolutely ZERO panels from Spider-Man comics? That’s weird! Read more...
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Monday, 30 June 2014 09:31
GA2It’s time to look at the #31 (in true Sesame Street fashion) and today’s number is brought to you by the colour green and the objects “arrow” and “lantern.” To talk to you a little more about the number 31 is Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan, both of who have enjoyed at new lease of life over coming months. We’ve re-examined Green Arrow’s origin in spectacular fashion with Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino as everything we thought we knew about the legend that shaped the man was flipped on its head. This arc has been magnificent and the closing chapter is no exception to the rule. It has given us a new focus and direction for The Outsiders within the New 52. No longer are they a group of C-list heroes inspired by Batman; they are an organised collection of clans and tribes who each revere a mythical totem that has links to Oliver Queen’s birthright. It has added a whole new mystery to the Green Arrow and made the series a lot more supernatural but giving it that IndianaJones/Tomb Raider feel at the same time (which obviously meant I was going to love it!). Green Lantern has had yet another element added to the lore of the Ring Bearers. Following the events of Lights Out and the attempted annihilation of everyone who used any form of the Emotional Spectrum by Relic, the Lanterns have found themselves on the back foot as conspiracy and corruption have greeted them at every turn. A shape-shifting menace, known as the Durlans, have built an alliance with several alien races who know that the Reservoir of Light – which powers the Lantern’s rings – will be depleted over time and damage the fabric of the universe. As Hal tries to rally the troops and begin policing the galaxy again, not everyone is as accepting of the Corps and their values anymore...   Read more...
Published in DC Comics
Monday, 02 June 2014 08:59
SHXNote from Dan: One of the great parts of my job is getting the chance to introduce to you folks one of our new columnists. In this case we have a young man from Canada who has a specialty that the rest of the crew doesn't have and that is Japanese animation and Manga. Chris is a wonderful, upbeat guy, who loves the 4 colored medium as much as everybody else here at ENR does, and as you will see it shows in his work. Below is his introductory column where he tells all of us a little bit about himself. Later in the week we will have his first foray into the world of Japanese animation and what it means to him. Welcome aboard Chris! Read more...
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