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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 05:38
indexThis is the first of a two part article, that will look at my experiences with two recent comic and film related events in Glasgow. While events of this nature are common place in the US and Canada, they are a fairly novel concept in the UK. It was refreshing to see such an established and internationally renowned event as The Edinbrugh Book Festival devote so much energy into comic-books this year. It should have perhaps acted as a preminition of what is to follow in this article: a mixture of nostalgia, cynical opinion and romantic notions of journalism. Despite my ranting and moaning, I hope you enjoy my first foray into the world of comic-book conventions, press passes and culture shocks. Film and comic-book conventions aren't a new concept to Glasgow. Over the past ten to fifteen years, there's been a unique mixture of names for a single, annual event: Collectormania, Memorabillia Glasgow and MemorabilliaCon. It's since reverted back to its original title and continues to expand in size and popularity year on year. It's title should now be viewed as a brand: the event has now expanded and goes to every untapped crevice of the UK.   Read more...
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