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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 05:07
sw leadOn December 20th, 2011, the world was first introduced to Star Wars:  The Old Republic.  It is a massive multi-player online game (MMO for  short) set within the Star Wars Universe, 1,000 years before the first  film. Prior to the game's release, it was expected that it would replace  World of Warcraft as the dominant force within the MMO market. However,  despite being hugely popular at the point of its release and having a  wealth of positive reviews by fans and critics alike, the game never  quite lived up to its expectations. Prior to its release, it was believed that Star Wars: The Old Republic  had cost Bioware (owned by EA) over $150 million to produce. The  stockmarket remained optimistic about EA's shareprice as, at the time,  it was expected that the game would launch with over 3 million paying  subscribers (roughly $30 million per month). This, when combined with  EA's continuing dominance with sports related games and their newly  revived Battlefield franchise, resulted in a bullish outlook of the  stock.   Read more...
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