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Thursday, 29 September 2016 16:30
Another Challenge For The Green Hornet! I always loved hearing the announcer intone those words in as dramatic a way as possible. There was a sense of URGENCY behind those words! It always got you excited for what was coming up next! The Green Hornet character was created in 1936 by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker Radio Director James Jewell also provided input into the new character. Therefore, this year we celebrate TWO anniversaries for he Green Hornet! 2016 marks both the 80th anniversary of the creation of the character, but also the 50th anniversary of the famous 1966 green Hornet TV Series starring Van Williams as The Green Hornet, and Bruce Lee as the Green Hornet's aide-de-camp Kato! Read more...
Published in Movies & TV
Thursday, 22 September 2016 21:00
I do not know how many of you are keeping up to date on what is going on with the U.S. film and television industry in regards to its upcoming manga/anime-based films, but it is official that Warner Bros.' live-action webmovie re-interpretation of the internationally famous Japanese horror comic book serial Death Note will tell the muderous-magic book tale at an R-rated level (with the director teasing that R-rated depictions of nudity and coarse language will be included), a creative decision that appeared to have caused a division of the Death Note fanbase to take place in terms of whether or not to approve of the matter with some already arguing on online forums that such a decision will mean the risk of the America-based studio itself going too far in its attempt to create a Death Note story meant specially for America-based adult viewers who are not into either Japanese animation or Japanese comics. To be honest, while I'm not sure about the nudity part, considering the unfriendly human environment in the animated television series adaptation of the comic book serial, I can see this movie working out well as long as the physcological focus on the killer mindsets (including that of the protagonist) within the story is maintained. Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Wednesday, 19 August 2015 15:24
MEGO Figures, Big Little Books, comic books of all kinds, and so much more ! The1970's were my own personal Golden Age!! As longtime readers of my column know, I started reading comics because I was enthralled by seeing the Amazing Spider-Man on the season premiere of the fourth season of the classic children's television show, The Electric Company! Read more...
Published in Pop Culture
Friday, 20 December 2013 10:59
fatalbertIt’s been a big fat week for all things hot and not so hot. Right now Fat Albert is eating through his feelings because Jennifer Lawrence wants it to be illegal to say the word fat on TV. Feel free to join Albert and grab a turkey leg and some bon bons, we’re getting this party started now. Read more...
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Friday, 13 April 2012 09:02
Hey, Hey, Hey Once again it's Friday here at the palatial offices of eXPress News & Reviews, and if you have been around for more than a week then you know we are going Retro. Retro according to Wikipedia is a culturally outdated or aged style, trend, mode or fashion from the overall postmodern past, that has since that time become functionally or superficially the norm once again. That is a lot of words, sheesh who knew.  Websters Dictionary defines retro as: relating to, reviving, or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past: fashionably nostalgic or old fashioned. Much easier to digest. Synonyms for retro are: antique, oldfangled (didn't even know that was a word), old school, old time, old timey (just funny) old world (lots of olds here) quaint, old fashioned (old yet again) and vintage. To us here at the nerve center of the eXPress, we just say it's stuff we liked as kids. Um...does that make me old? Read more...
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