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Sunday, 29 November -0001 19:00
They say that most babies learn about the world through touch. Tactile learning, they touch things to learn about what they are and this carries on throughout life. How do we know something is soft? We've touched it before, therefore are able to describe an object as soft. So it's no surprise that reading a new comic book printed on newsprint would take you on a trip down memory lane. The way the paper feels when you turn the pages. The way the artwork looks printed on it. Even the advertisements that break up the pages of story. It feels like a comic book. Read more...
Published in Comic Book Reviews
Thursday, 05 December 2013 14:05
batman-black-and-white-2013-3-huntIf you read my Top 20 column here at ENR News & Reviews you know that I am getting more than a little tired of  the proliferation of certain titles  by  Big 2. Quite frankly I am tired of Avengers XMenSpideySupermanBatmanJusticeSquadTeamUP. Yeah that's not a title, but the way things are going I may have that trade marked. My point is I have two books that I am reviewing this week. Both books have the Bat in them and for the most part both are OK, but did we need them? Let's find out! I usually write I do SPOILERS here, but the fact is how do you SPOIL Batman when it's not really new?   Read more...
Published in DC Comics
Thursday, 05 July 2012 09:56
Shuffle Track #27 Smells Like Team Spirit. Teamwork. No matter the task or venue, when a great team of talented folks get together, magic is the result. It’s a simple truth that carries through most things in life, even in comics. When there is a talented group of writers, artists and management the sky’s the limit. The subtle balance can be a tricky thing to master – are there are many instances in comicdom where the best teams have turned out works that made you wince. When it’s good, when all the gears mesh and the cylinders fire, masterpieces are born. This week we have three strong contenders put together by some talented teams.  YOU’RE IN THE MIXX! Read more...
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