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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 15:30
Last week, I told of a couple of convenience stores that I used to go to back in my childhood. I HAD an actual comic book store, complete with both new comics and vintage back issues in my town. But the owner did not stock EVERYTHING for the discerning collector. Back then in the 1970's and even into the early 1980's, a kid had to cover a great deal of ground in order to find ALL of the books that they collected each month. I never paid all that much attention to the names of the stores, so when I wanted to go to a particular store, I had to use descriptive nick names to tell my parents which store I needed to get to then. Read more...
Published in Let's Talk Comics
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 13:38
Romance comics were published from 1917-1977 that depicted the love lives of young adults and teens, mostly in America. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created the first romance comic book and published in 1947. Heavily influenced by the pulp fiction magazines and radio soap operas they came up with Young Romance. Several other titles followed and they all kept a similar formula. Some strayed a little and that's what we can find in “Weird Love”. These collected stories reprinted in one book are an absolute treat. The only thing missing are the old timer advertisements and advice columns that the originals had in them. Read more...
Published in Comic Book Reviews
Monday, 27 January 2014 06:34
damm1Without a doubt Steve Ditko is my favorite comic artist of all time. His beautiful work displaying bold emotional tones and his characters made of heart and virtue have been fixtures of my pull list decade after decade. Throughout the years from Romita’s Spider-Man to Liefeld’s Hawk and Dove there have been few arcs worthy of Ditko himself. Yet characters Blue Beetle, Question, Creeper and Doctor Strange have endured primarily in hopes of rediscovering the spark that put them on top. While Ditko himself is not doing mainstream comics (duh) his legacy is felt every single time someone thwips their hands in a Spidey formation. (Admit it you just made the two fingers to palm motion) Throughout these variations and story arcs I mentioned no character has been harder to nail down than the Question. The faceless Vic Sage fully convinced that there is a shadow cabinet behind every door, the standard crime fighting reporter, the conspiracy theory buff obsessed with showing all things are connected – these have all been feature points of The Question’s hit and miss past. To me all criteria for a good Question story are found in Ditko’s creation of him and subsequent run. But I read them all. So when I saw Peacemaker in the trade paperback super sale right here on I thought to myself, “Self, for this price I can take a chance and reread this.” I ordered it and read it. Says here you guys are due a review. So let’s get this monkey smoking…   Read more...
Published in DC Comics
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 15:08
CanadaDay   4thWith Canada Day just past and the 4th of July coming very soon, I was thinking about writing a column on one or both of those themes. Then it hit me, why not look somewhere else to do a column on. I mean the internet is going to be full   of columns on this topic and just maybe you the constant reader (I hope) would like something else. Not to mention my buddy Jess Kirby has a killer column tonight on Patriotic Paladins and I didn't want to compete with that. So where did I look? Everywhere and what I found can only be described as interesting. When looking at super heroes of the non-North American variety it can get a little left of plum, slightly off kilter, weird! So I have brought back a few of my discoveries for your reading enjoyment (again I hope). So with that, please feel free to kick your shoes off, put your feet up, grab a beverage of your choice and come along with me on an adventure I'm calling...So You Want to Be a Foreign Super Hero! Light it Up Boys!   Read more...
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