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Thursday, 06 October 2016 20:07
When we think Halloween, we think a number of things bound to happen on that awesome annual days: telling scary stories, setting up fake haunted houses, kids trick or' treating around their respective neighborhoods, people finding Halloween-themed episodes on their television sets, comic colletors picking up their copies of free-to-access comic book items at their local comic shops (if that Halloween day is on the last October Saturday of the year that is), and last but not least, the option to dress up in costumes in public regardless of if they be home-made or store-bought. While you are never too old to enjoy Halloween, it is indeed a day worth celebrating for anyone who is a fan of science-fiction, fantasy, and/or horror and likes wearing costumes or just masks. Read more...
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Thursday, 19 May 2016 17:26
Days ago, I had the opportunity to see Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (reviewed by ENR's very own Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty back in early April) in movie theaters as I did not want to miss out on watching this now-landmark in the history of American superhero movies before it is no longer available for access in cinemas. Although I respected its director Zack Snyder's efforts in setting his version of Batman's first encounter with superpowered beings apart from the way DC Universe canon usually depicts it, I personally felt turned off by the last several minutes due to the direction it took in terms of Superman's role. To be honest, I was so disappointed that now I am unsure about if I ever wanted to see this iconic character again in any future live-action screen productions. So while I despised the ending as a Superman fan, I accepted the dark violent tone as a fan of both Batman and Wonder Woman. Read more...
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Thursday, 12 February 2015 10:44
10979357_1537408109881897_924951496_nWhen I first heard that Retro Expo Montreal was scheduled to occur in February 2015, I thought at first "Already, another genre convention so soon? Did not we have Montreal MiniComiccon 2014 back in December 2014?" as I was expecting that genre fans living in the Montreal island in Quebec, Canada would be given a chance of taking a breather from the time of the Montreal MiniComiccon event itself before the summer season of 2015, the time when Montreal Comiccon 2015 and Otakuthon 2015 will be taking place. But then I was no longer annoyed when I realizing that this new event was created to celebrate old school in the realms of comics, anime, video games, action figures, etc. Being a fan of the old school comics and cartoons as well as being an action figure hobbyist, I decided to pay a visit to the first Retro Expo Montreal event, which took place on February 8, 2015 at the Hotel Ruby Foos on Decarie street. Was it worth the visit? Well, let's see in my first ever convention review for ENR. 10967606_1537408316548543_1192427337_oGrowing up, I always loved collecting action figures. Usually, I collect what relates to Star Trek, DC Universe,. Marvel Universe, and anything Japanese animation. So when I learned about Retro Expo, I became interested in seeing what action figures and toy products from the past few decades it had to offer. During the event, there were a lot of action figures for convention visitors to choose from, especially those relating to G.I. Joe and Transformers. As for you fangirls out there, you will be hyped to know it had My Little Pony stuff too (if you are part of the My Little Pony Fandom that is). Unfortunately, the convention lacked balance among the categories of action figures and toys offered. For example, there were lots of Transformers stuff (including ones from the "Generation One" years), but not a lot of Star Trek toys and figurines available (a major disappointment for the Star Trek fans hoping to find what items they are missing in their collections at conventions). Plus, regarding the paint job, some action figures (while obviously not sold in their original packagings) looked like they were damaged up after first use. If you a the kind of person who plays video games on a regular basis, you would love this event for the huge variety of video games from the 1980s and 1990s that dealers combined were selling, including games made for the Sega Genesis, an outdated video game console. At first I thought about buying one or two, but sadly, looking at the cartridges, some look like they were not taking care off properly after being played (taking note of scratches and label rips). Plus, most of them are as pricey as the new games, a turn off for those hoping to save money when looking for old stuff. So yeah, I was like, "forget the games. Let's see what else is on sale". 10984916_1537408183215223_1591323567_nBeing an old school cartoon fan, I was hoping Retro Expo Montreal would offer con goers a chance to visit their favourite classic animated series from the 1960s-2000s through screening rooms at where the convention was located. Unfortunately, as only one room was used for the event, there was no place for screenings, and the reason I found this to be bad is because since the event is an all ages event, I was hoping for example that the event would give kids a chance to check out the old kid-friendly cartoons no longer on television before deciding if they want to have DVDs of them in their collections. But don't worry as a few dealers were selling DVDs of numerous titles such as ThunderCats (1985 version), Battle of the Planets, Transformers Generation One, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983 version), Thundarr the Barbarian, etc, but if you are die-hard anime fan like me, you are welcome to get mad as this convention had little amount of old anime titles for people to choose from while this convention. 10968651_1537408403215201_23434585_oWhat is a genre convention without comics? Fortunately, Retro Expo Montreal featured a variety of comics going from Silver Age of western comics (late 1956 to mid 1970) to today, although I did not expect any comics from the last five years as they were not quite fit the theme of what came before the current decade we are in. Odd case scenario, some old comics were not kept in plastic board bags, and some even look bent or damaged up a bit. Fortunately for people looking for new comics to read on a regular basis (including myself), this was a chance to find recent items that sold out a few months ago. 10988881_1537408353215206_1061640783_oLast point I want to raise was the cosplay at Retro Expo Montreal. Originally, I predicted that a lot of old school cartoon fans would show up to celebrate their love for their favourite toons of the past decades. Bad news was only a few people showed up at the convention, and the lack of cosplayers (at least according to my opinion) could hurt the possibility of a lot townspeople (including those who probably don't use the internet) being aware of a genre convention taking on the day it was being held. But it's possible that the runners of Retro Expo Montreal picked a wrong to run the event, especially considering the weather conditions at the time. The premise of Retro Expo Montreal, although appearing to be more flea market than convention because of absence of celebrity guests, is very fun idea. However, it is a convention that is missing a few ingredients (including screenings and balance among merchandise categories). Plus, it needs to use a better location for more dealers to have things to offer to convention goers so as to better improve the balance among categories of merchandise offered, saving some types of fandoms from feeling left out or neglected. And I don't think winter is the right kind of season to run a genre-related convention. Overall, Retro Expo Montreal is worth visiting for a trip to the past of genre entertainment, although not the best convention to ever take place in Montreal so far (Montreal MiniComiccon and Otakuthon share this credit for using the right event setting-up formulas). Thanks for reading, and see you next time.10961050_1537408049881903_1224332641_o P.S. I took a few cosplay photos at the event, and the guy in the Spider-Man mask is me. Read more...
Published in Pop Culture
Friday, 21 March 2014 06:43
***SPOILER FREE – for freshness….*** damm 3When I heard that Kenichi Shimizu was directing a Marvel animated film I was both excited and as befitting my station (as a curmudgeon) skeptical as well. I have always loved his character designs from the STITCH! TV show and loved his directing in the finest Scooby-Doo movie to date – Alien Invaders and his underrated work on one of my favorite series of all time Mummies Alive! So I decided I would check out some of his other work before watching him do up the Marvel U with a dark character like Punisher and a super spy like Black Widow in a sci-fi espionage tale with superheroes…er anti-heroes. Turns out his anime – Origin – is one of the most beautiful and substance filled anime I have ever seen. It convinced me that he was indeed right for this project. However I was not too impressed with the Wolverine or Iron Man Anime series from a few years ago so I hoped it would be a radical departure. So I plopped down on the couch put it in and watched it. Twice. So let’s get this monkey smoking…   Read more...
Published in Toons & Anime
Thursday, 19 December 2013 14:32
gfFew things were as good as reading, collecting and talking comics when I was growing up. Actually nothing was a good as that, but some came close. Sc-Fi movies were awesome (still are), baseball (still is) and cartoons (they will forever be awesome in motion). I had started a little column called Cape TV a while back and put up some of my favorite cartoons and Super Hero shows growing up, but there was something missing from them. I know, how can something be missing from cartoons when you were a kid right?! The thing missing was some of my favorite cartoons came from overseas, and may not have what we would call recognizable Super Heroes , but they were just the same, and in some case better! That's what we are looking at today, my favorite imports of the cartoon or just kid variety. So get your retro shoes on because we are taking a trip down what I'm calling Cape TV the Imports!   Read more...
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Thursday, 27 June 2013 10:13
gatchaman-movieYou may not know the name Gatchaman. If you're from North America, you may know it as Battle of the Planets or G-Force: Guardians of Space but whatever you call it, it was an animated staple in the 1970's and 80's. Created by Tatsuo Yoshida, this cartoon was about five young superhero ninja that battled the evil Galactor corporation. This cartoon was the Japanese answer to the costumed superhero genre, and we probably wouldn't have had shows like Power Rangers without it! Now a live-action film is coming out in Japan and we at ENR are proud to bring you the trailer! Read more...
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