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Monday, 29 May 2017 17:46
Injustice: Gods Among Us was only just the beginning. NetherRealm, the same video game studio that develops the Mortal Kombat series has yet another blockbuster Fighter franchise on their hands. Injustice delves into an alternate DC Universe where Earth’s greatest hero, Superman, becomes the type of tyrannical villain he was once sworn to oppose after he executes The Joker. The snowball effect of that event creates a world where our heroes and villains are drastically changed and the status quo of the DC Universe is flipped upside down. The first game’s story mode had the heroes of a more familiar Earth come to help Batman’s rebels battle Superman’s regime, but this new installment shows us the aftermath of that story. A new threat emerges as Brainiac (who is responsible for the destruction of Krypton in this reality) attacks Earth’s cities and enlists the world’s vilest menaces to aide him. Read more...
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Thursday, 30 October 2014 15:01
constantine061014-645x370"Paranormal investigator teams up with angel  and young girl to save mankind from a infestation of demons". Sounds like the synopsis of a certain CW show? Okay, like, almost ALL CW shows? Well, it's not. It's the synopsis of the pilot episode of Constantine, NBC's contribution to the onslaught of superhero/comic book adapted TV shows this season. Very much like the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie adaptation with the same name, John Constantine is a tough talking exorcist that reluctantly is thrust into a demonic plot and becomes savior of Earth, and sworn enemy to Hell. Except, unlike the film, this version of Constantine is much more faithful to the original Vertigo comic, Hellblazer and the current DC Comics series also named Constantine. Read more...
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Sunday, 06 October 2013 14:14
cbftwHey there fans of cosplay and specifically, Jessica Nigri (who happens to be one of the most famous cosplayers on the planet, by the way)...we have a special treat for ya! Comic Books FTW's Dayna had the chance to interview the lovely Ms. Nigri at Montreal ComicCon, and they talked about everything from how she got into the cosplay scene, tips for new cosplayers out there, what games and books she's geeking out over at the moment...and they even provided her with a mint! I guess there's no doubting it now...Canadians ARE the nicest people on the planet! Read more...
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Sunday, 08 September 2013 15:10
72641_467645299972022_1421108635_nHey guys! Some of you may have heard that I have gotten a stroke of bad luck and ended up in the hospital these last couple of weeks with a pretty mean infection. It’s pretty nasty stuff and I probably won’t squirm at a horror movie ever again after what I’ve seen what my own body can actually produce given the chance! Anyway, grotesqueness aside, the doctors are doing their best to clear me up and get me back into the Canadian wilderness again! Read more...
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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:10
ac4Assassin's Creed fans rejoice! Only a year after we were introduced to Connor, the first American assassin, we will be shivering our collective timbers as a swashbuckling pirate named Edward Kenway in Assassin's Creed IV! Taking what was my personal favorite part of the third game, the naval missions, we will now get an entire AC game where we sail the high seas! And if I know Ubisoft, they will jampack this one with tons of action, excitement, historical accuracy...and of course, tons of DLC booty to be had! Take a gander at this fine premiere trailer, me hearties! ARRRR! (Sorry, I had to)  
  AC4 will be released on all consoles (current and next gen) on Oct. 29th (although International Talk Like A Pirate Day would have been FAR more appropriate!), and I'd suggest you pre-order this sucker right away to get that spiffy poster with art by Todd McFarlane!   BLEED OUT. eXpect eXcellence. We are eXPress News on Column | FPB Papercut | Columnist: Dave Michaels | Twitter – @expertcomicsFPB | Email – ©2013 | Full Page Bleed| Dave Michaels Read more...
Sunday, 06 January 2013 15:04
Dave Michaels (FPB) | I’ve rarely gotten a chance to interview anyone outside of the comic book industry, but I had an opportunity at Montreal MiniComicCon to interview Shawn Baichoo, a local Montreal actor that has worked on numerous video games, specifically in the Assassin’s Creed series and is currently working on a Punisher fan film called Punisher: No Mercy. What I found in Shawn was not only someone that is excited to be a part of the video game industry (which I totally understand, having a background in it myself), but a passionate, die hard fan of comics, and when we began discussing not only his fan film, but the state of comic book films in general...Shawn got so vocal about his feelings...he literally drew an audience! Read more...
Monday, 31 December 2012 11:04
SanXuary | After a couple of columns with a bit of a negative feel, I wanted to end the year with a positive one. Believe me, if you are a geek there has been a lot of good that has happened this year. Movies, games, books, comics, you name it, it was there. So without further wait (I don’t speak French), here is the list of things I am grateful for from 2012. First, I am grateful for DC correcting their gaff of firing Gail Simone off of Batgirl on December 9, and the subsequent hiring back on December 21’st. This is definite proof that fans have a voice. The publishers are listening to fans. If you don’t feel like you can make a change in the Presidential elections, make your voice heard on things that really matter and if a publisher does something that you don’t like @ them on Twitter, comment on Facebook, post on message boards. In these days of social media, you can make your voice heard now more than ever. I for one am very glad about this news. Comics need more female creators, as I mentioned about a week ago when I wrote the column about Simone being fired. What a difference a couple of weeks make. Read more...
Monday, 17 December 2012 13:05
Gaming sales are sinking faster than the Titanic Talking about the video game industry losing money is like saying water is wet. Not even the release of the Wii U could save sales. This is the 12th straight month that sales have dropped. Sales of console games fell 11% to 1.43 Billion. Sales of hardware fell a whopping 13% even with the November release of the Wii U. Despite the new hardware Microsoft’s Xbox 360 remained the top console for the 23rd month in a row with 1.26 million consoles sold. In contrast the Wii U sold 425,000 units the month it came out. Sales reported by NPD.  The rest of the top console sales were the Sony PS3. With Sony being tight lipped about their sales, it is estimated that the console sold about 600,000 units in November. Read more...
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