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WrestleMania Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

Written by  Published March 26, 2015 06:43
Wrestling’s Grandest Spectacle Explodes in L.A. on Sunday It is finally that time of the year again. It is only a few days out and I can feel the trickle of saliva dropping from the corners of my mouth to my keyboard as I wait for it. WrestleMania comes to PPV, Staples Center and the gift that keeps on giving WWE Network (only 9.99). There is little doubt that while possessing the greatest fanbase on the planet (sorry music, comics and sports) it is a crucial time in the WWE’s journey after last year’s WrestleMania was met with so much vitriol and fan groaning that it seemed no new storyline could get traction for a while because everyone was so upset The Undertaker lost and Daniel Bryan’s match was so controversial (look it up it would be too much to go into here).


But if the WWE is anything it is resilient. Over the course of the year the WWE has managed to recover and build one of the strongest cards since the Rock and Stone Cold left regular appearances.With care and for the first time in years what seems like some world building pre-planning they have brought interest, involvement and expectations like we have not seen in a while.

The card is full of interesting matchups from the Divas tag match between AJ Lee and Paige vs the Bella Twins to the main event and fans are restless to see the surprises, stars and festivities around it.

I have been watching wrestling since I was 6 (thanks grandpa) and I am amped up so I am going to try to predict a few of these matches for you.

So let’s get this monkey smoking…


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

20150125 LIGHT WM31 Match Andre HP.0.0

Of all the matches of this year’s event it is this match I feel that has the most room for error simply based on the numbers. However WrestleMania has become a place where loyal and faithful company men get rewarded with a win or an honor of some sort. But in the advertisement these are the featured competitors:

The Miz -Curtis Axel –Ryback –Fandango -Adam Rose -Zack Ryder -Jack Swagger -Titus O'Neil -Darren Young -Big Show –Kane -Erick Rowan -Damien Mizdow and Sin Cara. Of course this even invites surprises and guest stars…CM Punk anyone? (keep dreaming)

So what I see here is maybe three people with a legitimate chance to win based on current storylines.

RAW 1129 Photo 073 3540906601

First, it is obvious they are struggling to find a place for Rowan without the Wyatt Family while Harper has taken off (see his title match below) and so a win here could pop him with the fans and begin a new story right on time, but whether they actually have a plan for him or not is the real question.

Second is Kane who has been DOO (ha) for a year plus and had really no wins in ring of any consequence. This could be a win for him to boost his segments out of ring coming up for the next year. But it seems that were he to win it wouldn’t help his popularity and he is not the monster we remember.

Big Show – the most loyal soldier in the WWE has one of the worst win loss records in WM history and always takes it on the chin for the brand. With obvious comparisons to Andre (for good reason) and a personal admiration and hero complex the legend fro Show it wouldn’t surprise me if it he who finally got a WrestleMania win AND the trophy in the same year.

Predicted Winner: Big Show


7 Man Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title

20150309 LIGHT WM31 Match BadNewsLadder HP2.0.0

This is the match fans of technical wrestling and stuntman enthusiasts all over the world are anticipating most. This ladder match has the potential to be the best one since The Hardy’s left. The match is full of young talent with fresh bodies and no sense. But they are some really experienced youngsters. The match involves, Stardust, R-truth, Bad News Barret, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and last year’s main event winner Daniel Bryan. While everyone’s heart seems set (and the smart money) on Bryan as a consolation to last year’s screw jobs I don’t know if he will actually win.

With the way WWE has finally started pushing Ziggler, after years of burying him, due to fan outcry it would seem the perfect opportunity to establish a rivalry of historical note with Barret. In order to do this it seems necessary he win the belt here so Barret can get the rematch and begin a Rhodes/Flair style competition that will bring some prestige back to that championship. Bryan winning would also accomplish this.On a side note: R-Truth is finally interesting and fun. Would love to see him win for just a couple weeks if nothing else. Way outside longshot.

Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Main Event: Brock Lesnar (Champion) vs. Roman Reigns

20150125 LIGHT WM31 Match HP.0.0

The match that had more implications than expectations before last Monday when Brock signed to return to the WWE and put to rest the speculation that he would leave with the belt if he won. This speculation lead to some ill feelings for a while between Lesnar and the WWE.

Did they write Reigns as the winner to spite Brock and cover their asses or did they “do what’s best for business” again. I don’t read much into the signing of Lesnar other than I am glad he did.

The truth no one can deny is that the champion for the first time in a LONG, LONG time actually feels like he is menacing, uncontrolled and unbeatable. It would seem foolish to throw that away since one loss – his first in forever – would end the fear and mystique instantly. So unless they plan on giving reigns the Cana treatment starting now I feel it is just not a smart move for them to let Lesnar lose.

Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar




AJ Lee and Paige vs. The Bella Twins – Total Divas means high profile | WINNER: The Bella Twins

4-Way Tag Team Title Match Los Matadores, Kidd and Cesaro, Usos, New Day – WINNERS: Kidd & Cesaro

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins – Revenge, plus Rollins still has the briefcase | WINNER: Randy Orton

Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt – Undertaker passes torch to new darkness & retires | WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Sting vs HHH – With HHH’s record and Stings return seems easy but ego, ego, ego | WINNER: HHH

20150224 LIGHT WM31 Match HP OrtonRollins.0.0

On Monday will my foray into fortune telling be greeted with bananas or flung? Who knows? What is important is to turn into the mega spectacle and find out! Have fun out there and let your wrestling geek flag fly.

Tell the monkey to crush his butt…


Steve DAMM

DAMM is the proud father of two beautiful daughters. As one of ENR's founders and passionate comics' lover, he is committed to bringing you fair but passionate reviews as well as breaking news without the overreaction. A Colorado born curmudgeon, comic purist and pop culture crusader, he's on a mission to make new readers aware of the legends who came before in an in-depth way, how they changed comics and why the Silver Age is the most important era to modern American art (comic, commercial & fine). His opinionated style and audacious boldness making him a must read. As a reviewer, opinion columnist and con reporter his objective is the acquisition of truth, justice and the American comic book way, though he's been known to pursue foreign comics voraciously too. A champion for the creator-owned, a proponent for Indies and intolerant of towing corporate lines DAMM brings praise to those who deserve it and lays out the bad news without pretention.

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