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The Ultimate Superhero Smackdown - Marvel Contest Of Champions Review

Written by  Published January 25, 2017 03:05
It's been a long while since I have sat in front of my keyboard and did this and all I can say is spell check is wonderful. Enough of that though. It is well documented (by me), that I am not what anyone would call a gamer. For the most part I am satisfied with Mario Kart and the like.

16295848 1566968293321322 219514901 nThings change. You see I got a pad. Yep, I joined in the digital revolution and now own a pad of some sort (really don't know what sort) and have found games. So what kind of games does a comic book nerd look for? Yep, superhero games. Also I am and probably always will be a bigger fan of the Mighty Marvel Machine than the fine folks at DC (that is a whole other column) so it had to be a Marvel game. The one I found was Marvel Contest of Champions. The reason for this? The huge library of Marvel characters that we get to use. I'm not saying they have everybody (at least not yet), but they do have a lot of the Marvel classic characters and quite a few of the newer characters in the MU.

When I say classics I mean Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Cap, Wolverine and the list goes on. When I say newer, I mean Lady Jane Thor, Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen, and Ms Wolverine. They also have thrown in some great villains like Rhino, Abomination, Thanos and Ultron. Who are noticeably missing? The first family of Marvel Comics that's who. One would think that the whole Marvel vs Fox thing wouldn't show up everywhere right? Nope, and it is really too bad because Mr Fantastic's powers would be really cool in the game as well as the Human Torch. Marvel Contest of Champions is a fighter game along the lines of Mortal Kombat, but without the blood and gore. If that is what you are looking for it's not here.

However if you are looking for some pretty cool graphics and some really over the top finishing moves, this game has them. Colossus' thunder punch is awesome, as well as Thor's beat down with the hammer. With Venom, it cuts away from him, but you can tell he did something incredibly awful to the opponent.MCoC also has different things going on so you don't get bored easily. Yes, you fight all the time, but the game sets up a chance to complete other missions where you can get different rewards like another character, points, crystals, gold and experience. Contest of Champions also gives you the chance to join an alliance. Once you are a part of an alliance you can go to war against other alliances or take part in quests.

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THIS IS NOT like a multiplayer game where you can change strategy mid second, and cover someone's six. This is more like you join the quest and are able to "chat" with your partners (not real time) and take different avenues later. The biggest reward are crystals. The game gives you chances to get 2 star, 3 star and even 4 star heroes from crystals that you earn or buy. There is a premium hero crystal that can give you any of the three, but you usually get a 2 star hero. There are three star and 4 star hero crystals and although it is time consuming to get the points needed to get them it is worth it. OK some folks just went "do I have to pay REAL money to play this game?". The answer is yes and no. You can play without using any REAL money, the game gives you "units" to buy things you need.

The game also allows you a great advantage by buying package deals with REAL money. One thing that does bother me a bit is the rankings. For example you have a 2 star Thor. Now Thor is a staple of Marvel comics and if he was in a strength rating he hits somewhere at the top right? Nope, the new Kamala Ms Marvel actually rates above him. Hulk, Abomination and Juggernaut all have lower ratings than even Deadpool and Iron Fist. If it is based on tactics then it would seem to be OK? Yea not sure about that either. The most fun for me is in versus mode. In this we get to face other players teams of three. There is strategy in that some classes get a bonus over others, giving you the match ups you want and sometimes don't. You also take on stronger people, but if you are a savy player and pick your shots you can still beat them. The game doesn't answer the question about "who would win?" I mean you have Black Widow vs Hulk and you can win with her if you have the experience points and rating. It does however provide a ton of fun.

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How many times have you wanted to take Iron Man out with Deadpool (just me?)? The combinations are staggering and you can get a bonus by lining up your team to have all mutants, all spiderverse characters, and Team Iron Man in the case of the Civil War. Marvel Contest of Champions is addicting, you can't imagine how involved you get trying to win every fight, getting new characters, or completing a story quest. I would recommend it for any Marvel fan, or just Superhero fans in general, child or adult alike.

Dan Robertson

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