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So You Want to be a Foreign Super Hero

Written by  Published July 2, 2013 03:08
With Canada Day just past and the 4th of July coming very soon, I was thinking about writing a column on one or both of those themes. Then it hit me, why not look somewhere else to do a column on. I mean the internet is going to be full   of columns on this topic and just maybe you the constant reader (I hope) would like something else. Not to mention my buddy Jess Kirby has a killer column tonight on Patriotic Paladins and I didn't want to compete with that. So where did I look? Everywhere and what I found can only be described as interesting. When looking at super heroes of the non-North American variety it can get a little left of plum, slightly off kilter, weird! So I have brought back a few of my discoveries for your reading enjoyment (again I hope). So with that, please feel free to kick your shoes off, put your feet up, grab a beverage of your choice and come along with me on an adventure I'm calling...So You Want to Be a Foreign Super Hero! Light it Up Boys!  


Our first stop on the road brought us to France. The birth place of the language of love, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Eiffel Tower, Oui Oui (hahaha) and berets. It also brought us Superdupont!

Superdupont is a French comic strip by Marcel Gotlib and Jacques Lob. Thissuperdupont is a parody of French attitudes and Superman, but just making it to print is pretty impressive.  Superdupont is the son of an unknown soldier buried under the Arc de Triumph. He fights the organization known as Anti-France dressed in a beret, a striped tank top, charentasies and has a baguette under his arm. The villains of the series are foreigners (non-French) and speak a language made up of part Russian, English, Spanish, German and Italian. He supports economic patriotism buy smoking Gauloises, drinking red wine, eating French cheese and will not be painted with China ink.

Again this is a parody, but it says something that two Frenchmen put it out! He has some of the powers of Superman, and is a master of French boxing. With his belly prevalent, and that beret on his head, he is the perfect Captain America of France.

We are going to go south and east for our next guest star, or should I say guest stars? From the Phillipines I give you ZsaZsa Zaturnnah!

os-super-herois-mais-engracados-e-interessantes-que-voce-ja-viu-27 ZsaZsa Zaturnnah is a big, buff, red headed, beautiful super powered woman, a fanboy dream, the perfect mirror to DC's Wonder Woman. Except she is a guy when she's not being ZsaZsa! Yep ZsaZsa is Ada a homosexual hairdresser with a very dark past.

Ada has issues with his Dad, his boyfriend and life until a strange stone falls from the sky and he eats it (not making that up). After eating it he says the  inscription on the side of the stone "Zaturnnah" and becomes everybody's favorite Super Heroine! There are some wild things going on with this story to include the fact that there seems to be a never ending supply of the stone and just what are the psychological set backs of being a guy most of the time and a woman the other part. That said the comic book has made it to both stage and screen in the Phillipines and besides Lynda Carters show we can't seem to get a Wonder Woman movie or even TV show.

Staying in the general area we catch a hop over to Thailand for the next Super Hero, and meet Mercury Man!

This Mercury Man is not to be confused with the short live Charlton Comicsmercuryman2 character. Nope our Mercury Man got his powers from being stabbed with a Tibetan amulet and his body became a massive heat source (it's true), which he learns to manipulate giving him super strength, agility, and jump (yep jumping)!

MM's villain is Osama bin Ali a terrorist who wants to blow up America? What? Yeah I guess he has no interest in Thailand and as far as we can tell Ali isn't from Thailand, and we have no idea why a Super Hero from Thailand would want to save America or has a villain that's not from Thailand, but there it is.

MM is helped along by his kickboxing transsexual sister who kicks butt. This is a movie, and can be found on YouTube! I suggest you watch it, if for nothing else to see MM fight the elephant (yep elephant)!

Turning our plane back to the west we come to India and Super Commando Dhruva.

Super_Commando_Dhruva_(Pinup)Super Commando Dhruva  is a Robin ripoff in every sense of the word, with the exception he doesn't wear a mask.

He relies on his natural abilities and has honed his body during his years at the circus (original). It's funny that the creator of this book  Sanjay Gupta  actually says "We had to devise a character from our own imagination that didn't have anything to do with them ( Superman and Batman). Because if we had kept in mind how powerful Superman and Batman are.. we would've reacted to it and somehow allowed that to play a part in our creative process. Our first goal was to make a total Indian character. We didn't want to copy. That wasn't going on in our heads." OK then so it's not a Robin ripoff! RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT!

Although having no super powers per see SCD can also talk to most animals like birds and most four footed beings, a talent he learned while with the circus. So birds, dogs, lions even dolphins are all good, but he can't however talk to Gorillas. Wow, a little discriminatory isn't it?  SCD is one of the biggest comics in India, and just goes to show Robin is popular whatever they call him.

Finally we are going south of the border. No I'm not going out for Taco Bell although sounds pretty good right now, I'm going to Mexico for Zooman: The Human Fly

Zooman is kind of a misnomer because with that name one would think he hadzooman a lot of animal type powers right? Not so you really need to look at the second part of the name to get this one....The Human Fly.

There is something to be said for insect type Super Heroes. The Avengers were founded by the Wasp and Henry Pym did have both Ant Man and Yellow jacket as monickers. Spider-Man is an icon, there once was a Human Fly comic book by Marvel (cancelled) that was pretty cool.

But giving the powers of the FLY to a human is a bit weird wouldn't you say? I mean smelling garbage, dead animals, and basically just stink isn't the greatest super power in the world.

Then there's the fact that his bad guys send real life spiders and such for him to battle. It's cool he gets to fly, and can stick to stuff, but who wants to fight spiders? One issue he does fly up a woman's dress (Human Fly Pervert?) , but that is besides the point. At least he wasn't the Human Gnat.

Well that's my look at Super Heroes around the world. I purposely skipped some, because who really wants to read about Rapeman or a girl whose big move is Pubic Hair Jump (yeah not kidding)? We will be taking this trip again some time in the future, but until then.

Dan Robertson

If you're looking for the grim and gritty, peek-a-boo bad girls, and graphic content you won't find it in DXXL. D(XX)L is the family side of comics and you can consider it to be the XXL size family dog that will do what it takes to protect his family and those around them. Like that dog D(XX)L's author Dan Robertson is laid back relaxing in the sun, but also like that dog when his hackles rise he's much more likely to bite before he barks. He will be exploring all forms of family entertainment, from all ages comics whether web based, Indie, digital or the Big2, to movies games and TV in the comic and pop culture subsects of eXpertComics in a never ending quest to tell you what they are, where they are, and why you should or should not check them out.

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