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ENR Chooses Our Ultimate Fantasy Con Buddies!

Written by  Published August 23, 2016 05:27
This year's editions of San-Diego Comic-Con, Montreal Comiccon, and Otakuthon respectively maybe over a while ago, but this year's summer season of genre conventions still goes on with another season of events to begin soon. I am sure some of you readers had a good time attending whatever nearby genre con in your local area happened so far, and some of you have genre convention events to look forward to. Well, awesome!

You know, some genre fans love to travel to these events with friends and/or family members who share their enthusiams while others (like me for example) go at it alone. Going at it alone or not, attendees always find a way to share the joy with the crowd when they attend, and those of us at ENR who love going to genre conventions are no exception. Now, we want to share something fun with all you readers out there as we continue celebrating the summer season of genre conventions. In this feature presentation, we reveal characters from the realms of genre (whether it be film, television, comic books/graphic novels, video games, and novels) who would make perfect travel buddies for us in our genre convention travels if they existed (but they do not of course). So be ready for a ride of fun, right here at ENR.


Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace (Smile Pretty Cure!)

1 Cure Peace Smile Pretty Cure

Superheroes need a break from saving the world once in a while. In case you have not yet seen Smile Pretty Cure! (called "Glitter Force" for its English language edition), Yayoi Kise ("Lily" in the English dub) is a superheroine with superheroes in the brain. In fact, the animated series' story plot has it that she has been into superheroes even before she became the superheroine Cure Peace ("Glitter Peace" in the English dub). I consider this teenage beauty ideal for a travel buddy in visiting genre conventions because not only we'd be sharing our enthusiasm of superheroes (both old and new) together while encountering many superhero cosplays and finding various old comics, but she could also be useful in helping whatever convention we attend keep going awesome with her lightning magic should a power outage occur.

After all, no one wants to celebrate in a place without any light, not even after the sun goes down. Plus, as genre cons can be a scary place at first for newcomers who travel alone, she is a very friendly person with whom any fanboy or fangirl could share whatever feelings of sadness, isolation, nervousness and shyness he/she might develop during the convention because she knows what it is like to experience them when dealing with a crowd (note that she has been experiencing those feelings even before becoming Cure Peace), and I bet she could sympathisize with those who often feel like outcasts for liking things many appear not to appreciate, and our bonding together would be an opportunity to help them get over those feelings of despair while at the same time helping me fullfil the difficult task of finding more fans who live in district area I may not know of before.


Atem/Dark Yugi (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

2 Dark Yugi Yu Gi Oh

Man, I have not played card games in years. Anyway, Dark Yugi ("Yami Yugi" in the English language editions of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime) has been known by many as the king of games in Yu-Gi-Oh! lore owing to his enthusiasm and talent in all things game play.

There are times at a genre convention when attendees may feel the need to play something in a designated room in between visits of dscussion panels, and by having this iconic fictional duelist as my travel buddy, not only would he be an excellent aid to help me overcome obstacles in playing games never played before, but he would also be the supernatural force I could count on to resolve situations of physical violence, bullying, and foulplay (which all genre conventions are trying to avert) in the event security officials have trouble reasoning with the troublemakers, thus brining a friendly-and-safe environment back into the everybody-is-welcome event in question.


Wade Wilson/Deadpool (Marvel Universe)

selected by Jason Elliott (FliX)

3 Deadpool Marvel Universe

While not one of the founding X-Men, this non-kid friendly merc is one of the most popular characters to ever turn up in the X-Men comic pages. Jason Elliott sees him as someone he'd like to attend a genre con with, and he has this say on his reason:

"I’ve been to many comic book conventions over the course of many years and one thing is for sure, and that’s that I’ve never, ever really gone with a group of friends, let alone even one. It’s not that I don’t welcome the company or someone to talk to, but it’s hard to sell someone sometimes on a comic book convention. Some say they don’t have the time or money and others are just casual fans and like looking at the pictures I take with celebs and cosplayers. If I did want to have a travel companion it would have to be the Merc with The Mouth, Deadpool.

It’s an easy choice for anyone that’s read the comics or has seen the hit movie. The funny and witty comments he makes would come in handy during panel Q&As and out on the convention floor while looking at different cosplayers. Of course, I’d look at him like he was crazy once he started breaking the fourth wall and talking to those who aren’t there. He’d be a hit with the ladies because of his charisma and sense of humor and a hit with the guys because we all know that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to relationships. Once the convention is over, we’d take our large party out for some chimichangas, drinks, and maybe a little mayhem as it wouldn’t be Deadpool without some gunplay and swordplay, no matter the contracted or unwitting target".


Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn (DC Universe)

selected by Dave Michaels (Full Page Bleed)

4 Harley Quinn DC Universe

You know ths bad girl as both the love interest of Batman's arch-nemesis The Joker and a best bud of Pamela Isly/Poison Ivy, another of Batman's foes. She is currently one the heroines of the animated webseries DC Super Hero Girls as well still starring in her own solo comic book series (two to be exact with one of them recently relaunched). Anyway, the bleeder man Dave Michaels has this to say regarding why he'd like to travel to a genre convention with this iconic DC Universe vixen:

"If I’m to dream up a fantasy con buddy, I couldn’t think of any character more fun than Harley Quinn! And not just because she had her own San Diego Comic Con Special last year or even that she’s now a mainstream phenomenon because of the Suicide Squad movie, this character is funny, boisterous and my kind of mischievous! Who wouldn’t want to see what kind of trouble they could get into alongside Miss Quinzel? This is all assuming I don’t faint if she actually referred me as her “puddin”....I couldn’t handle that!!"


 Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot)

selected by Steve Damm 

5 Elliot alderson mr. Robot

I only just recently heard of Mr. Robot when fellow ENR colleague Steve Damm presented his first column to focus on the show. Anyway, Steve has this to say on why he would consider the series' protagonist Elliot Alderson his ideal genre convention travel buddy.

 "Elliott is the perfect companion because he has multiple complex perspectives on everything happening around him. Imagine the questions he would ask at panels. Imagine how he would haggle with vendors and comment on Cosplay. Yeah Elliott would be my cohort".


Remy Etienne LeBeaut/Gambit (Marvel Universe)

suggested by Steve Damm

6 Gambit Marvel Universe

You know him as the Marvel Universe mutant with the magic cards as well as the love interest of strong girl-type mutant superheroine Rogue. Like Elliott Alderson, this guy is an ideal travel buddy Steve Damm would like to travel with when visiting genre conventions, and he reveals why.

"if you want to attend a con in style, with flair even, then Gambit is the guy I want with me, Plus he would give the words "free swag" a new meaning being a top notch thief. As for the ladies....well it's Gambit".


So there you have it, fanboys and fangirls. While we at ENR may have ideal fictional travel buddies coming from different fictional realms, you can say there is something thick about them that make us wish we could enjoy any genre convention with them, and we bet each of you reading this feature know fictional characters from novels/comics/film/television/video games in mind you see as who'd be perfect for attending a genre convention with. If so, feel free to comment about your choices in the comment box attached to this post. Thanks for reading, see you next time, and have a good time at whatever genre convention you will attend next.

Christopher Arnold

Meet Montreal Island-born fanboy Christopher Arnold. He is a fan of a number of things: comic book action/adventure heroes (the superhero kind included), science-fiction, horror, Japanese Animation, action figure collecting, cosplay photography, and fan art. While his main column focus at ENR is action/adventure storytelling (regardless of if it includes sci-fi, horror, fantasy), when it comes to reviewing/analyzing material, whether it be comics/graphic novels, film, or even television, he is the kind of person to avoid judging a work of fiction by time of release and by nation of origin (and that's part of his moral code). Also, he's not afraid to admit if he finds comparison between two unrelated media properties. While he enjoys serving you, the readers, he's not the kind to show his true face on social media (so PLEASE, RESPECT HIS PRIVACY).

Last modified on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 18:19
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