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ComixBookGurl’s Corner 2-Point Perspective Spotlight!

Written by  Published November 5, 2011 03:05
  Hello everyone! As I stated long ago, I will be bringing different aspects of nerdiness to you with interviews, spotlights and reviews!  Today is no exception.  Most of you are aware that I am an avid art collector, so I thought it was time to spotlight a couple of artists that are doing some amazing work. What do you get when you have two artists with a great idea for a weekly blog? You get 2-Point Perspective! (


From the amazing talents of two artists all the way from the Sunshine State, we have Joe Pekar and Gene Gonzales!  This new blog is a real treat to art lovers, artists, and creators alike to see what they come up with.  The premise is pretty awesome: think of a coin having two sides and that it doesn't give the same result when you flip it. Art is one thing in life that can be subjected various ways in that what one person sees, another might see something different.  That is the goal of this column, to show different interpretations of the same subject/theme.  It has been incredible thus far.

“A subject or theme will be established and we will post the artwork every Wednesday," Gonzales said. "Every Friday a new subject will be announced. We will be taking suggestions in the comments section for each week. All the art created will be original done in traditional mediums and will most likely be offered for sale or auctioned. We thought this would be fun for everyone to toss out ideas and see what we produce. And it gives us a chance to try new things and possibly branch out of our normal styles from time to time.”




One lovely perk that I have taken advantage of includes the selling of the original art! Joe places his on eBay after the art is posted.  So, luckily I snagged that lovely Catwoman he painted.  And for contact information on Gene’s art, all you have to do is email him!  I have several pieces from both artist, and the quality of their work is astounding.

Joe Pekar's style can really be summed up in three words: provocative, sexy, and colorful. His color pallet reminds me of Brian Stelfreeze's, especially the use of warm colors. His compositions themselves have a more realistic tone, rather than Gene's cartoony, Tex Avery-esque style. You can see the old school pin-up influence in his art, especially stuff by Dean Yeagle. You can check out this page for Joe’s rates  and email him directly about inquires.



Gene Gonzales has been working in comics for almost two decades. His style reminds me of comics I fell in love with as a kid. His inspirations come from great pin-up artists like Vargas and Elvgren, but a hint of modern flair. Where Joe's girls have more spice in their ensemble, Gene has a more sugary approach to this pin-ups. Gene is doing something special right now as he is offering "Conventionless Convention Pieces", which means his black and white Ink on 11" x 17" Strathmore Bristol Board is $50 (plus shipping).  He is also taking over commissions such as his Canson Cuties.  Email Gene for more information.




If you like what you see, you can totally hit them up for commissions!  Where to find them?

Joe Pekar

Deviant Art Page -

Website -

E-mail -

Gene Gonzales

Daily Art Blog -

Commercial Art Site -

Comic Book & Pin-Up Art -

E-mail -

So what are you waiting for? Go check out the creative differences of, throw out some themes, and talk to the artists! I talk to them all the time. Not sure if that’s good or bad. ;)


Lisa McCarty

Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty is quite the comic book girl. Recently joining the ranks at eXpertComics as a main columnist, she can also be heard on various podcasts that maintain a female-centric point of view on comics and pop culture. When she's not knee-deep in comics, she works for the local health department and a cat-wrangler. A fangirl at heart, she has been reading comics since before she could walk. Despite numerous allegations, she is not the masked thief known as Catwoman. She loves Sphynx cats and hopes to get blue ones some day. Enter the Spazzy...

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  • Comment Link Rob Monday, 07 November 2011 04:56 posted by  Rob

    Wow Lisa! I just fell in love with all this art! Impressive!

  • Comment Link DaveMichaels Saturday, 05 November 2011 19:16 posted by  DaveMichaels

    Very cool, Lisa! Is that YOU in a Hogwart's schoolgirl outfit?!

  • Comment Link DL Robertson Saturday, 05 November 2011 15:56 posted by  DL Robertson

    Very nicely done, was not what I expected it to be.

  • Comment Link DAMM Saturday, 05 November 2011 15:24 posted by  DAMM

    Loved how the two artists also compliment each others work with their own by getting fan interaction and showing them side by side. It really shows the importance of design and display. Nice Work!

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