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Written by  Published June 26, 2015 03:48
OK, so you remember when I discovered the first WolfCop movie on a streaming service, decided to tweet along and ended up chatting at length with the brains behind the project? Yeah, it was awesome and I managed to interview Lowell Dean, the genius behind the movie. WolfCop was an instant hit. The mix of horror and comedy appealed to almost everyone and the nostalgic nod back to days of practical effects and tongue-firmly-in-cheek humour gathered the movie a cult following and a huge fanbase – so much so the movie was greenlit a sequel before it hit cinemas!

WolfCop2However, WolfCop 2 needs your help in order to raise funds to ensure Lou Garou gets the sequel he deserves which can only skyrocket the character further towards the full moon! One of the incentives through the Indiegogo project means backers get to select a ‘Hero Choice’ – suggesting a celebrity of their choice to feature in the movie. They could be an actor, musician, sports personality - if you’re a fan of this person, go for it (although I don’t think your dad counts!) – and while Lowell and co can’t necessarily guarantee their appearance, your suggestion may put them in the running. Even better, the celebrity reveal will be kept a secret until the movie premieres!

Check out the Indiegogo campaign here: and check out the great incentives in store for backers who grow hair in all the wrong places and enjoy howling at the moon!


Rob Richardson

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