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Gotham Review - Those Who Hurt You Will Feel My Pain

Written by  Published October 25, 2016 02:48
This week we knew we were going to see the wrath of Jervis Tetch. His beloved sister, Alice, was killed and that put him over the edge, which seems nearly impossible as he was pretty much over it to begin with. Seriously, who dresses up in top hats and has tea parties these days? The bromance between Nygma and Penguin are also coming to a boiling point. The tension between these two is ridiculous and getting awkward. What kind of trouble is Gotham in this week? Here’s a hint, it starts with the letter “M” and goes on from there.

gotham3ep5 4Obviously Mad Hatter has decided to take revenge on Jim Gordon because that’s what insane villains do. They justify any wrong doing by doing more wrong. Only this time it has been taken to a fairly violent level. We can argue that this is not a show for children but still.  Tetch’s game begins with making Gordon choose between saving the life of a child and a newly married couple.  It’s a no-win situation.  Put yourself in Gordon’s shoes for just a second and ask yourself who would you save. Sure, you want to save the kid, it’s a kid, but what if he was secretly the son of Satan, like that Damien kid from The Omen? Then there’s the newlyweds, they also have their whole lives ahead of them, but what if they’re really bad people?  What if they’re the type who put razor blades in the trick-or-treat candy?  How do you choose who to save? This is the whole episode and it’s a fairly interesting one, not so much for the great acting or the cinematography, but for the all of the feels. It was hard not to have a little bit of anxiety while watching this one.

One of the great things, even though it’s sort of a cliché, is the infamous monologuing. There is nothing more ubiquitous with a superhero story, besides a cape and a nice pair of boots, than the villain and their monologue.  It’s nice to think that there could be a world where the good guy always wins yet always gives the bad guy lots of time to sit and chat before he gets beat. Tetch gives more than a few speeches in this episode but in order to keep it not so cliché Jim Gordon cuts him off a couple of times. That was almost the icing on top of the tea cakes, when Tetch was talking talking talking and Jim Gordon just hung the phone up on him. It was smart, funny and brave all at the same time.

In the end, it comes down to Valerie Vale or Dr. Thompkins. Gordon must choose which one will live. Again, what would you do in this situation? Deep down we know Gordon doesn’t want either girl to die, but he has to make a decision. It’s odd that, when given the choice to name which one, he didn’t say Barbara Keane. Why was she left out of this equation?  He could have easily blurted out her name and threw a wrench in Tetch’s plan.

This week we finally found out what Alice’s blood has done to Captain Barnes. He’s miraculously healed and no longer needs his cane. He also has some sort of super-human strength now. What will he possibly do with his new “superpowers”?

gotham3ep5 3

As for that bromance. Uh… this is not going to end well for someone.  Penguin has decided to profess his love for Nygma, but seems as though Nygma is still hung up on his old flame, Miss Kringle. What will Penguin do when he finds out Nygma has found a new flame? A new flame who also likes to stand around and tell riddles. Seriously, that’s weird. Nygma must be careful with this though, if he has a falling out with Penguin what will he do? Penguin is the one who got him out of Arkham and since he’s now the mayor of Gotham he may have enough power to put him back in.  Would Penguin retaliate?

These two are definitely more fun together, it’s scary to think what will happen if they work against each other. 

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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