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The Good And Bad Of 2017’s Comic Book Movies

Written by  Published March 13, 2017 04:16
Here we are fully underway in 2017 and there are a helllluva lot of comic book movies happening this year! I’m excited! Now I know that’s no surprise...people call me the most positive fanboy on the planet. I give every movie the chance to impress me, and I admit it, I’m an easy sell. That’s just the person I am. I suppose I’m simply one of those fans that remembers a time when comic book and superhero movies were few and far between, and clearly not the level they are now. I am enjoying this amazing era we are living in!

So even though I am clearly a Blue Lantern rather than a Red, I decided to take the movies that are left to come out this year and look at what we SHOULD be excited about...and what could all go horribly wrong! Sounds like fun!


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5thguardiansvol25897cb3a159fc

Good: What’s not to look forward to? This movie is maybe one of the most anticipated this year. And with all of the original’s stars back, and the humour level once again on max, it’s hard to spot what could go wrong here.

Bad: If I had at all to try to spot where things could go awry here is the challenge of maintaining the pace and feel of the first film. People are inevitably going to compare the two movies, and sequels are very hard to do well. My other concern is Kurt Russell’s Ego The Living Planet, we’ve yet to see him in planet form, which causes me a bit concern. Not MUCH, but a little.


Spider-Man: Homecoming – July 7th

landscape 1481296245 spider man homecoming tom holland1Good: Finally! An in-universe Marvel produced Spider-Man that feels like he’s finally right. Third time’s the charm! This movie looks really promising and it looks like we’ll be getting the big screen debuts of The Shocker and Vulture, which in great MCU fashion, are practical, tech-based villains. Not to mention Tony Stark/Iron Man along to mentor young Peter. If the entire movie is like the few scenes Spidey had in Captain America: Civil War...all should go well.

Bad: One thing sort of irks me about what I’ve seen from the film. It’s just a TAD more of the same narrative as past Spidey movies. “High school student Peter Parker pines over prettiest girl in school, but at night he faces his insecurities as Spider-Man! And meets his most dangerous enemy yet, a brilliant inventor using his inventions for evil played by award-winning actor covering his entire face most of the time.” The only thing new is the fact that we likely won’t get yet another origin story, at least not in real time. Look, the movie looks great, but there was so much opportunity to do a Spider-Man story STYLE that’s never been done prior. It really is nitpicking, though.


Thor: Ragnarok – Nov. 3rd

thor ragnarok photo Chris Hemsworth

Good: We just recently began getting peeks at this movie and while it looks VASTLY different than previous Thor films, I certainly like the change. The worst thing director Taika Watiti could have done was give us yet another entirely dark, greyish Thor movie. It seems an Unworthy Thor (without Mjiolnir....or the long blonde locks) will be cast onto a gladiator-type situation where he is forced to fight his fellow Avenger, Banner/The Hulk! Using elements from Planet Hulk is pretty brilliant. And to finally see these two battle tooth and nail will be something to see! Also Kate Blanchett as Hela is absolutely a sight to behold.

Bad: Without a trailer it’s hard to gauge the movie just yet, but my biggest worry right now will be that the funky bright colors and Thor’s new look will turn off some casual fans. I certainly don’t think the whole movie will look like that (it looks like it’s The Grandmaster/Jeff Goldblum’s planet that looks like that), but so far the marketing seems to be focusing on that look. It may not be the look of a Thor movie some fans are looking for.



Wonder Woman – June 2nd

https blueprint api uploads card image 404819 4b379693 97d2 40c4 9c66 214b3077f8d5

Good: This is simply a long time coming. Wonder Woman as the first female superhero to have her own series and has been inspiring young girls and women ever since that they too can kick ass and be heroes. Gal Gadot stole the show in Batman v Superman and was something of a treat to watch as she almost enjoyed the challenge of Doomsday. The trailers for this hit all the right marks...The movie has humour, action, that vintage appeal and that theme song will certainly go down as one of the greats.

Bad: We should right now get prepared for the bad reviews, rotten tomatoes and blind internet hatred right now. DC movies constantly suffer from these plights. And while some of it is probably deserved, they still make loads of money from moviegoers who simply want to see their favorite heroes finally get their due, or just want to turn their brain off. There’s no telling if Wonder Woman is actually a good movie, I’m just a bit scared that the reviews of Man of Steel, BvS and Suicide Squad will ultimately hurt it with casual fans.


Justice League – November 17th

justice league movie wonder woman aquaman cyborg

Good: I mean, I certainly have been waiting for a movie based on the JL my whole life. So there’s always going to be that. If these guys can pull off an epic fighting scene that trumps any Avengers movie, they will easily win me over. And with this lineup, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash and Cyborg...that should not be a hard task to achieve! From what I’ve seen from this movie so far, I think they very well could be on the right track.

Bad: ZACK SNYDER. He’s gotten such flack for Man of Steel and BVS that I’m really shocked he’s still directing Justice League, frankly. I’ve never been his harshest critic, but I think many moviegoers are so done with him that they will never give him another chance. The only way to avoid that stigma would have been for Snyder to step down. But that never was gonna happen. The other concern is that they may have stuffed A LOT into one film...making it a total fustercluck. DC has a lot of catching up to do...but their devoted fans ain’t going nowhere! There was never a rush to establish everyone in literally two movies.



Ghost In The Shell – March 31st

ghost in a shell 2017 scarlett johansson1

Good: This adaptation of Masamune Shirow’s legendary Manga has received a lot of controversy, but I don’t think many will deny that the movie indeed looks gorgeous. The visuals look revolutionary; much like The Matrix did when it was released. I do not know how I feel personally about the casting, but I may be willing to put my grievances aside to let my eyeballs feast.

Bad: Look, 30 years ago, nobody would have cared that Hollywood felt they needed a bona-fide American star to headline their movie. But today, moviegoers are too “woke” to put up with whitewashing. I need to see the film first to form an opinion, but I certainly get the hate this movie is receiving. I’m definitely wondering how the film will be received in Asian markets.


Kingsman: The Golden Circle – October 6th

sbox soapbox my most anticipated movies of 2017

Good: Wow! A new Kingsman?! Consider this guy a happy wanker! Most of the original film’s cast and crew are back and if you believe rumours...a LOT of surprises are in store! If you loved the first one like I did, and love Matthew Vaughn movies like I do, we are really gonna get a treat this Fall!

Bad: We haven’t seen anything from the film yet, so it’s hard to get a read on it. My only fear, much like GOTG2 would be a bad attempt at maintaining the momentum of the first film. Sequels are a fickle business, and only a few franchises have managed to fully make a better movie with every try! Also, there was never a second Kingsman comic series, so they are going in totally blind. Not that the first one followed the comic very closely, but it still had the frame of the source material. And at least Vaughn’s still on board, so that is a big sigh of relief.



Well, I hope everyone enjoyed me trying to find good AND bad things about comic book movies for once! It was actually hard work! I simply love this stuff, and always go into theaters hoping the best. I know that’s rare these days....but I guess I’m a rare guy!

That’s all fer now! Bleed out!

Dave Michaels

With his unique brand of humour mixed with die-hard passion and knowledge for all things comic books, Dave Michaels puts his weekly spin on the pop culture like only he can. Each “episode” of Full Page Bleed provides fun, wacky commentary, interviews, recommendations of Dave’s favourite comics, and whatever else his “evil genius” can conjure up. What are you reading THIS for?! Read some FPB RIGHT NOW and PREPARE to BLEED COMICS! FPB is Here...

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