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The Flash | Crazy For You

Written by  Published February 5, 2015 11:57
So I'm Faster Than A Speeding Bullet So Far On The Flash: We have had it all since the return what with Reverse Flash, Captain Cold and what not it seems the second half of the first season is getting ready to rip the roof of the joint. Last week we had Hartley Rathaway as Pied Piper and he was the perfect jerk. Is that too tough on him? Nope he wa the perfect jerk. We had some character scenes which were done very well for a show with just almost a dozen episodes and we had our madatory Barry chases Iris around that is just getting annoying. Harrison Wells lives large, doesn't need the suit to be fast, and the Speed Force is finally mentioned. Overall I thought that this might be a throw away episode, it happens in the first year of every new show, but it wasn't as Pied Piper may be back sooner than we think and he might be on the side of the good guys. I was really hoping for more about Firestorm, but hey what can you do?






This Week on the Flash: This week was full on stuff. We have a brand new villain in Peek-A-Boo (no kidding) who is in love with a dirtbag, but I will get back to that later. Barry's Dad gets a beating in jail, Piped Piper gets loose and it ends with one of the most exciting teases for the show so far that has had a ton of exciting teases.

We start with a jail break and a new meta human that can teleport. much f 1like Marvel's Nightcrawler. The idea behind it is pretty cool and the effect on the TV worked well. In the first fight with the Flash she is more than a match for the Scarlet Speedster and drops him off a landing. Meanwhile Henry Allen while trying to help out Barry gets his butt handed to him by an inmate.

Flash gets the better of the situation in the end, but once again you got to wait for it.

Cisco who has been wracked by guilt lets Hartley Rathaway out of the meta jail (umm anybody else think that because you have super powers and use them for evil gets you a life sentence without a trial a BAD thing?) because he will tell him a secret about Ronnie. It turns out he does and Ronnie is fused with Dr. Martin Stein. Hartley uses Cisco tech against him again and walks away to do bad things to other people maybe.


f 3Back to the Iris and Barry circus. The Flash gives her some info for a story and she betrays him by taking his picture. Also Caitlin and Barry go bar diving looking for bad guys and Barry gets the telephone number of sports writer Linda. Caitlin gets hammered, kind of makes a pass at Barry and then Iris maybe gets jealous of Linda. So yea still not so good in that realm.

Flash catches Peek because she can't teleport in the dark and we have the best performance by John Wesley Shipp to date telling Barry he knows he is the Flash without coming right out and saying it.

Finally one word GRODD!

The Good: Barry and Dad moment was easily the highlight of this week. Caitlin and Barry was a close second and Caitlin is funny when she has tilted one to many. There was something there at least on her part and it will be interesting to see where that might or might not go.

Peek was interesting enough to watch, but the final fight was wrapped upscreen-shot-2015-02-04-at-2-33-46-am way to easily for my tastes.

Believe it or not I really liked the part with Cisco letting Rathaway go and am hoping it leads to Cisco becoming Vibe, and it left me wondering just how the Pied Piper will fit in later. Final scene of the show sent shivers down my spine.

Last thing here is Flash taking the guy who beat up his Dad outside of the jail and letting him get caught. It added 10 years to his sentence and was so Flash!

The Bad: Barry and Iris is bad. There is just no energy in that at all and I wish it would just go away.

Overall: Not the best show, but I think most of it was set up for what is to come later. Some folks are complaining about the lack of a big name villain, best watch out, you may just get what you wished for. Next week on the Flash!



Until next time.

Dan Robertson

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