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Gotham Review - The Executioner's Song

Written by  Published November 15, 2016 01:50
In the last episode, we saw Barnes murder at least two men. Alice Tetch’s blood has turned him into some crazed vigilante. When he “switches” he becomes judge, jury and executioner. He’s on a mission to find all of the guilty in Gotham. Unfortunately, Dr. Simon didn’t die before he could tell newly reinstated GCPD officer, Jim Gordon, that Barnes was responsible for throwing him through a wall.

Barnes is continuing his Judge Dredd impersonation and doing a bang-up job of it. It seems all well and fine that he’s actually ridding Gotham of sex traffickers and drug dealers, but the scary thing is where will he stop? Even Harvey said, Barnes would give himself a ticket if he jaywalked. Could you imagine if the new Barnes took out some little old lady who was trying to get to BINGO and didn’t use the crosswalk? Since it’s unknown what Alice’s blood is actually doing to him it’s kinda scary to think of what he might really be capable of. This is why authorities are so afraid of vigilantes. Hopefully Bruce Wayne is taking notes.

Gotham3ep9 1Ivy is back, even though she never really left, she just aged rapidly and nobody seems to recognize her. She’s also got some new mad skills in the way of botany. After she gets herself into some real trouble she decides to reveal herself to Selina. Selina is fairly smart and she’s figured out that Ivy has aged from the creepy guy who touched her. She brings in their only mutual friend, Bruce, to get some help with the situation. Selina knows Ivy has aged physically but not so much mentally. She looks like a young woman but has the mind of a dumb kid.  It’s funny how Selina has no patience for Ivy but clearly wants to keep her as a friend. The three amigos seem to be in some serious trouble now that Ivy has stolen a large necklace from an antiquities collector. Ivy’s newest acquisition has unlocked some new mysteries and brought up a ton of questions. Such as, who are these masked men with crossbows and why are they shooting at Bruce, Selina and Ivy?

Gotham 3x09 4

The trio clearly think it’s men working for the man that Ivy stole from. Turns out they’re very wrong, but who do they work for? Now that the Barnes’ story has been dragged out this long it’s time for something more interesting and Ivy has definitely brought the more interesting. If these crossbow bandits aren’t working for the man she stole from they need to know who would hire men to kill three kids over a necklace. The crossbow killers bring even more interesting to the table when they search Selina’s hole in the wall. Literally. Actually, there are a few holes in the wall at Selina’s hole in the wall, but the guys find a hole that’s hiding something. Why would Selina have a newspaper clipping about the Wayne’s murder in a safe deposit box hidden inside the wall? Did Selina even put it there?

Clearly this is an abandoned building she’s been staying in, maybe the previous squatter hid it there. Is there anything else inside that box? Are these guys even after the necklace or are they just following Bruce? It’s great how easy it is to assume that they’re after the necklace but the story leaves it up to many other possibilities.

Gotham 3x09 Nygma

Moving from the three amigos to the dynamic duo, Nygma is really upset about Isabella’s accident. He has taken it upon himself to investigate and he knows it was no accident. The woman he loved was murdered and this time by someone else.  It’s odd to think that he might be more upset over Isabella’s death than Miss Kringle’s.  Does it hurt more when someone else does the killing? Only Nygma knows. Either way, Nygma is upset and he’s going to get revenge on the man who is responsible for her death. Is this the end of the Penguin/Riddler bromance? It could very well be the end if Nygma didn’t think Butch was responsible for her death. It seems like Penguin continues to squeak by to avoid serious trouble.

How is it that the guy who once carried Fish Mooney’s umbrella has become seemingly impervious to real danger? Also, are we going to ever find out what happened to Fish and Dr. Strange? So many questions!

The nice thing about this show is that they have eventually have answers for most of these questions.

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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