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Gotham Review - Master B And The Bad Deal

Written by  Published September 27, 2016 01:50
Last week we saw that Fish Mooney’s new powers aren’t really all that powerful.  Her body is rejecting her newly implanted DNA and she’s on the hunt for Hugo Strange to fix her. Alfred got knocked the hell out and Master B got abducted by a Talon. Ivy was branded a spy and thanks to spoilers released by the show itself we know she didn’t die while trying to escape. We met the most annoying new character, Valerie Vale and we got some more Emo Bruce time.

Gotham3ep2 2When Bruce threatened to go public with the information he has on the secret group he believes is running Wayne Enterprises, unless he gets a one on one meeting with them, he probably didn’t expect such quick results. The Court of Owls certainly thought they had called his bluff when they abducted him and brought him to their meeting place. The old bird representing the owls removes her owl mask and reveals herself as Catherine. She seems rather smug which can only mean bad things for her in the future. It always seems the smuggest of villains get the best comeuppance.

Valerie Vale is back in this episode simply to let us know that she’s incredibly annoying.

When Bruce and Alfred reunite, Bruce has to give Alfred the tragic news that he made a deal with the owls. When Alfred asks if Bruce intends on keeping his word it’s kind of like a duh moment. Of course Bruce Wayne is going to keep his word. But if he does keep his word and agree to never again investigate the murders of his parents then he’ll never become Batman. Thank goodness Alfred gives him a loophole. Of course Master B will keep his word, but will the Court of Owls keep their word? Two wrongs may not make a right but they might make a Batman. The young Bruce Wayne must be having one amazing match of tennis going on in his mind.

Gotham3ep2 5

To no one’s surprise the new, and possibly improved, Ivy has washed up on shore. She’s alive and all grown up. Can you imagine growing older, physically, overnight but not mentally?  It’s like some Big movie or something. Lucky for her some random dude offers to taker her back to his place for a drink of water. How refreshing…  Of course Ivy goes straight for the house plants. As she’s feeling sorry for the dead leaves we keep getting a good look at this sign on the wall that says Rey Midas. Is it just some random sign or is it something we all need to be speculating about? It could just be decoration with the odd coincidence that one of Green Arrow’s nemeses has the same name. It could be a clue that we’re going to get a new villain in Gotham, or again it could just be a sign. Meanwhile Ivy’s affinity towards plants comes on just a little too strong. We get it, she’s Poison Ivy, she likes plants.

Fish Mooney finally meets her maker and demands he fixes her then demands he make her an army.  As watchers of this show may we demand Fish Mooney quit over acting every scene and stop with the stupid accents?  One second she’s channelling Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, then she’s all wicked Disney stepmother and then on the rare occasion we get some Jackie Brown. Yes, the Fish has gone rotten again, but at least it’s not like season one where it was all about her swanky clothes.

Gotham3ep2 7

Seriously, Valerie Vale is annoying.

The moment between Fish and Penguin is touching in a very “As the World Turns” kinda way.

The last eight minutes of the show are pretty spectacular mostly because, holy Bat Twins! Can we all just take a deep breath in and thank the gods for giving us David Mazouz? He’s the best Bruce Wayne ever and now we have TWO of them!

Unfortunately, Valerie Vale is still annoying. 

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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