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Jaws: Reboot Smells A Little Fishy

Written by  Published August 13, 2013 02:48
I own the website At Tha Movies which syndicates the latest movie, comic-book and gaming headlines from the most popular websites on the internet (including eXpertComics!). Last month, we started syndicating media jobs from over 2,000 employers  in the UK and US. This has ended up being a very popular feature on the  website and it's staggering how many positions become available each  day. This is due to a number of different factors, each worthy of an  article in themselves. Once in a while, a job will catch my eye: one which may present a  'scoop' or tidbits of information about new films or television  programs. One such job listing recently caught my eye and is as follows: The production co ZAS Media is proud to announce our upcoming project for the Spring of 2014 - JAWS (reboot).    


For as long as the ad group is up we are seeking ALL CREW MEMBERS. The  filming will take place mostly on the Jersey coast. However, sets will be built in NYC.

We are currently seeking all art dept positions ASAP. ALL crew  applicants should apply DIRECTLY to the PM Joseph McPherson at We do not accept solicitations from recruiters,  agents or any middle men. We will only deal directly with the applicant  via a facebook-like platform.

We look forward to chatting with you all about possibly working  together for what promises to be a very fun gig!

Rumors regarding a Jaws reboot have been circulating the internet for a jaws-reboot-2number of years. Speculation suggests that Universal have been reluctant  to touch the franchise as Steven Spielberg is incredibly angry about the  Jaws sequels. Both Spielberg and Universal have had a long standing  working relationship and by leaving the Jaws franchise alone, this put  the studio in a better position to continue their work with the veteran  director.

In recent years, the notion of a Jaws reboot, including the possibility  of the film being translated to a television series, has been publicized  on a number of well respected websites. The latest batch of rumors are  attached to a direct remake of the original film. However, producers of  the remake/reboot are keen to use 3D to enhance the film's special  effects.

While I can understand the attraction of a 3D reboot, I have my  suspicions that the above available positions are fake. This opinion is  based on an apparent lack of information about the production company,  the job description and conflicting start dates.

As seen above, the job posting specifies that the Jaws reboot will  begin shooting in Spring 2014, yet an earlier job posting for the same  project lists the start date as January 2015. While it's possible that  this is merely a mistake made by the production team, I find it  suspicious that they would make such a fundamental error.

jaws 3I also find it odd that they have specified the name of the project.   Traditionally, available positions of this nature are very specific as  to which roles they require. More often than not, contacts within the  industry work together on multiple projects and this results in very few  positions being available.  Due to the secrecy surrounding many  Hollywood blockbusters, the title of the project is mostly kept a secret  and to blatantly announce a reboot of Jaws via a job website is again,  highly suspicious.

The film industry is mostly based upon the principle that you must  demonstrate that you have extensive practical experience working in your  area of expertise. This is the reason why low budget films offer 'no  pay' positions, as potential crew members are attempting to build upon  their CV and demo reels to reach their objective of working in a paid  position.

The industry has been criticized for it's lack of support for young  talent and what stands out to me is that both job descriptions for the  reboot of Jaws do not require an applicant to provide proof of work  experience within the industry. While networking has always been  important in the industry, practical experience always comes first.

The final clue which has made me suspicious about this reboot is that I  am unable to find a website or social media site that relates to the  production company ZAS Media or for a Joseph McPherson that is  associated with the company.

The only Joseph McPherson that I am able to find, who works within  media, is the founder of ZenKimchi International. They are a PR company  for Korean food which was established after McPherson graduated from  bartending school. He has recently been featured on Korea TV in Running  Man, Starking, You Can Cook and MasterChef Korea.



This leads me to conclude that either a reboot of Jaws is being handled  by a newly created production company in part run by an ex bartender who features on Korean television... or this is merely a hoax.


  • Comment Link Sunday, 25 August 2013 18:29 posted by

    Hi Joanna, thanks for the info but the link doesn't seem to work. Would love to read the article if you could send us an updated link. Thanks!

  • Comment Link joanna Friday, 16 August 2013 08:44 posted by  joanna

    I also saw confirmation of this in the local papers and flickfolks is still hiring crew for this film on their Jaws group there.–maybe-this-time-theyll-get-a-bigger-boat/2136432 It would be a crap movie no one would go to see in theatres if it gets made!

  • Comment Link Dan Robertson Thursday, 15 August 2013 03:36 posted by  Dan Robertson

    Thanks for the heads up Ritchie we will get our detective Chris McCarron right on it!

  • Comment Link ritchie Wednesday, 14 August 2013 20:39 posted by  ritchie

    I saw on that they are still gonna do this project and are hiring but the title has to change probably. its based on the early 1916 shark attacks on the Jersey shore They are still chatting there about it

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