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Gotham Review: Stranger Days Ahead

Written by  Published May 24, 2016 11:20
The season finale of Gotham’s season two was nothing shy of amazing. And silly, oh so silly. It’s fine though, it’s a show based on a fictional city that was created for a comic book, it’s not supposed to be real it’s just supposed to be really good.

This whole season has focused on Hugo Strange and how he’s secretly still working at Indian Hill. He’s supposed to be in charge of Arkham Asylum, but since it’s conveniently built over Indian Hill he just kept the secret entry in working order so he could escape down there and play mad scientist. He created several foes for the future Batman. Clayface is currently impersonating Jim Gordon and doing a horrible job of it. Actually, Harvey and Alfred are doing a horrible job of putting up with “Gordon’s” odd behaviour. Luckily Barbara Keane comes in to save the day because she can absolutely tell that’s not Jim Gordon. Strange brought back Theo Galavan and gave him the identity of Azrael. This was both a triumph and his biggest downfall. One, he reanimated a dead guy and two, he gave him a cool costume then let him loose on Gotham. That was the bad part which greatly displeased his bosses.  The Court of Owls was introduced this season and even though we haven’t seen much of them we know they mean business. Seriously, it takes a true bad ass to be able to wear a frilly owl mask and bark orders via ghetto skype on not one but three TV monitors. Whoever she is she’s not pleased with Strange’s work and orders him to blow up Indian Hill and all of the evidence in it, which would include his “monsters”. In true comic book fashion, it’s a long drawn out and over dramatic process to get rid of the evidence and Strange shows what a coward he really is.



Gotham22 4

We still have Victor Fries.  Strange brought him back from the dead and gave him a snazzy new suit.  He’s also following all of Strange’s orders. Strange also brought back Bridgit Pike.  He gave her a fancy suit and some horrible Catwoman goggles. Those goggles are AWFUL! Strange decides to pit them against each other. Fire vs Ice in an epic Arkham battle, who could possibly win? Here’s the thing, Strange gets hit in the crossfire and looks like he’s down for the count.  He somehow comes to, completely unscathed, even his glasses.  It seems impossible, even for comic books.  Did Strange run some type of experiment on himself? Did he make sure he could survive any attack from his many monsters? There needs to be a good explanation as to why he was unharmed by Freeze’s gun.

As for Bruce Wayne and his turtleneck, that was such a nice touch, he survived his first death trap. Hooray! But seriously, we all knew he would, he still has to become Batman. The scene was very much like Adam West and Burt Ward trying to figure a way out of the trap as Nygma annoyingly laughs at them. It left us with one great question though, who runs Wayne Enterprises? Who? Who? Kinda sounds like an owl doesn’t it? Nygma doesn’t give the answer to his riddle, although it wasn’t really a riddle.  The scene(s) with Selina and Bruce is incredible. It’s like these two were born for these roles. They nail the relationship between Catwoman and Batman every single time. Selina lets Bruce know she absolutely wears the pants in that relationship. She calls the shots, even though she lets Bruce thinks he does. 


Last and far from least we have the problem child, Fish Mooney. She’s a villain created for this show alone.  Before the series started there was no comic book, movie or animated version of Fish Mooney.  Her character had a really slow start. She’s played by Jada Pinkett Smith, who evidently though Fish Mooney was supposed to be the reincarnation of Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman. It seemed as though they spent more time and effort on her wardrobe then on building her character.

Then towards the end of season one she became more interesting then, whoops she died. Thanks to Hugo Strange she came back to life.  She was his greatest success as she came back with her own memories.  Strange tried to give her a new identity, but she didn’t need one. The character is still iffy. It seems like every time Fish is around stuff just gets uber cheesy.  However, the “your momma” scene between her and Peabody was fun.  For some reason Fish has this one track mind to rule Gotham’s underworld and now that she’s back from the dead she’s going full speed on her mission. She stole Strange’s bus with all of his monsters on board. The original plan was to move them upstate to a new facility but Strange realised that was a bad idea and was hoping to blow them up along with the facility. In the final scene we see the monsters being let off of the bus.  We’re seeing them through the dirty lenses of the homeless woman who opened the door for them.  That’s convenient as most of the faces are obscured and we only catch glimpses of their features and silhouettes.  There is some speculation that one of those “monsters” may be Thomas Elliot. We met him in season one and avid Batman fans will surely know what that means.

Gotham22 3

 At this point it could mean anything. Here’s one theory and it has a name, Thomas Wayne Jr. In Batman #10 (the new 52) Batman is battling the Court of Owls and while fighting Lincoln March he discovers that Lincoln March isn’t really Lincoln March. That’s right, Bruce Wayne has a brother named Thomas Wayne Jr. Thomas Wayne Jr. was actually introduced back in 1974. 

In that story he was institutionalized by his parents after he was in a serious car accident, and he eventually became a villain.  At this point the jaw dropping ending could mean just about anything. One thing’s for certain, it means we’ll be back for season three. 

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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