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Gotham's Great Balls of Fire!

Written by  Published October 27, 2015 02:05
Another explosive episode that brought about many turning points for a lot of characters. Some secrets were uncovered and some new secrets that proved to be deadly. Is it smart to have secrets in Gotham?  One bad place to have secrets is in the GCPD.  It used to be a place where you could get away with anything and the cops kept each other’s secrets.  Now that Captain Barnes is in charge and the new recruits are around no secret is safe.  So far secrets have only gotten people killed in Gotham. Barbara Keane’s parents, Alfred’s friend Reggie and several other lesser known villains. Let’s see what kind of damage the secrets of Gotham did in episode six “By Fire”.

Gotham2ep6 3

Gordon and two members of the Strike Force are out questioning known pyromaniacs in order to try and solve the Firefly case.  When one doesn’t tell Gordon what he wants to hear he assaults him. The new recruits remind Gordon that they were told to report that type of behavior. Gordon takes on a bit of a Harvey Bullock attitude towards their “threat” but gets a bit of a wake-up call when he gets reprimanded. Barnes means business but he also wants to solve the case so a note in his file is all he gets this time.

Butch has a little secret he’s trying to keep from Galavan.  He approaches Galavan to offer his services as a new right hand man, which is totally appropriate since that’s the only hand he has now. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for Galavan to learn Butch’s secret. He knows Butch is attached to Penguin.  No matter how much Butch wants to break away from Penguin he can’t, he’s been “brainwashed” to obey. Galavan can’t fault Butch for this secret, but he doesn’t let him go without consequence. He gives “Tabby” the greenlight to torture him and she pounces. Maybe Tabby can find a secret door that sends her out of Gotham and never come back. That wouldn’t be a bad secret.

Gotham2ep6 2

Bruce and Alfred are having secret training sessions in the future secret Bat cave. Alfred shows us his super-secret sucker punch. He distracts Master Bruce with news that Silver St. Cloud wants Bruce to come to dinner. As Bruce is staring off into his imagination, seeing unicorns and sprites frolic through the enchanted forest Alfred punches him in the face. Funny but still…

Firefly’s secret is also out. Selina wanted to help her friend Bridgit Pike escape Gotham. Bridgit somehow set one of GCPD’s new recruits on fire and killed him so now she’s a wanted criminal. Unfortunately Selina’s plan didn’t go off without a hitch and Bridgit’s brothers find her.  Selina still has a strong need to help her so she reluctantly confides in Gordon to let him know where Firefly is. There really is no villain who can keep a good secret in Gotham.

In a more puzzling scene, Ed Nygma gives up his own deep dark secret. He confesses to Miss Kringle that he killed her ex-boyfriend. He couldn’t riddle his way out of that and now maybe he’ll think twice about who he shares his secrets with in the future.

Gotham2ep6 4

The most intriguing secrets seem to be lurking in the basement of a Wayne Enterprises building.  Ironically enough it’s one of the building’s Firefly didn’t get the chance to burn down.  Indian Hill is some sort of medical facility where someone seems to be running experiments on people. It almost looks like a factory for future Gotham villains.  We get a good long look at one of them. Who could it be? That secret will surely be revealed.

It feels like Gotham was built on secrets so having so many new secrets shouldn’t feel awkward, but the revealing of these secrets can be.  The unveiling of Gotham’s secrets is just one of the reasons to keep watching.

Next week we’re promised to see Jim and Penguin’s secret friendship flourish.  Or perhaps it will fail. 

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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