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Gotham Review - Blood Is Thicker

Written by  Published November 8, 2016 11:51
James Gordon is back with the GCPD and just in time too as Captain Barnes is losing his stuff. Alice Tetch’s blood is working its magic on him and he’s slowly losing control.

Gotham3ep8 3It is so nice to have Gordon and Bullock back together, especially since the dynamic duo between the Penguin and Riddler has been split up. Well, technically they haven’t split up it’s just that Ed has found a replacement for Miss Kringle.  Unfortunately for Isabella everyone else knows she looks just like Miss Kringle minus the red hair and glasses.  However, just like Clark Kent, when Isabella puts on a pair of glasses she transforms into someone else.

When Ed sees Isabella in her Kringle glasses he goes a little nuts and begins to hallucinate. Ed doesn't know what to do, he's afraid he may hurt Isabella like he did Miss Kringle.  When all else fails he seeks advice from his BFF.  Obviously Penguin talks him into breaking up with her but Ed is too much of a pansy to do it himself, but Penguin is more than willing to do the job for him. The connection between Ed and Isabella is very strong though. Is it incredibly strange that this weird green light pours in through the windows at night whenever Ed is around?

Gotham3ep8 2

Meanwhile Captain Barnes is using his new found “super powers” to clean up Gotham.  He’s out to find who’s killing people and having the body parts disposed of.  Barnes found the man responsible and for about five seconds we had a glimmer of hope that we would see Dollmaker again, but instead we got a plastic surgeon named Simon.  Dr. Simon specializes in face replacement.  If you’re in trouble and need a new face he will find an old face and replace yours.

Quite handy as long as the new face you’re getting isn’t wanted for murder or something.  Dr. Simon isn’t just good for giving new faces, evidently he also brings out the hidden personality in people. When Captain Barnes sees Dr. Simon at the engagement party of Mario Falcone and Leslie Thompkins he finds his inner Judge Dredd. Unfortunately for Barnes, being judge, jury and executioner only works if your name is Judge Joseph Dredd.

The next episode should prove interesting. Gordon will have to get to the bottom of Dr. Simon’s revelation and perhaps uncover Barnes’ secret.  Surely we’ll also find out the demise of the new Miss Kringle.  Penguin’s really hoping to be the shoulder for Ed to cry on but Miss Kringle is proving to be like the cat that came back the very next day. 

Jessica Kirby

It was a cold winter day when we had decided to play hide-n-seek in the house. I hid in a dark closet in the attic. That's where I found my first comic book. I have never returned from that dark closet in the attic. They have tried to drag me back into the light. But they cannot. I will forever be on the DarXide.

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