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Believe In The Devil | Daredevil Episodes 9 & 10 Review

Written by  Published May 27, 2015 03:26
After Wilson Fisk beat Matt, Foggy, Karen, and Ben to the punch and revealed himself to the New York public in the eighth episode, the foursome is now reeling and dumbfounded on what exactly to do next. However, the episode first starts out with Matt fighting a mysterious leather clad Ninja who might have ties to the mysterious group of ninja's they encountered while he and Stick came to the aid of a little boy. Matt goes to see Father Lantom to wax philosophical on his struggle with his morality and his Catholic beliefs asking him if he believes in "The Devil." Lantom's explanation is a rousing tale that even those who don't follow religion should listen to.

daredevil episode 91

Matt finally meets Ben Urich and he agrees with Ben that trying to expose Fisk now is fruitless and would just get buried or even get them killed. Ben has evidence of Fisk being a criminal, but Matt thinks people will right it off as just hearsay. Fisk is planning on taking over a particular tenement that has proved difficult to take over. Nobu enters and he orders him to take care of Matt in order to continue his plans for "bettering" Hell's Kitchen. Matt visits Vanessa's art gallery where he comes face to face with Fisk and he immediately senses the evil underneath the professional exterior. After this uneasy encounter, he visits Father Lantom again to discuss possibly killing the Kingpin to save the city. Karen, Matt, and Foggy drink their sorrows away at Josie's Bar after they learn that Elena Cardenas, a tenant in the building that Fisk wants and one of their only clients, is brutally and fatally stabbed. Searching for Fisk, Matt encounters the ninja Nobu and a brutal, yet well choreographed fight ensues with Matt burning Nobu alive. After this physically draining fight, Matt finally gets a chance at Fisk, but he is nearly beaten to death and manages to narrowly escape death. He stumbles back to his apartment where a drunk Foggy finds him and learns just who the Man In Black really is.

daredevil ep 9 speak of the devil nobu vs daredevil

Foggy wakes Matt up and is very upset to find that he kept his other identity from him for so long. He even wonders if Matt is really blind! He begins to ask him about how he does what he does and even realizes that Matt has always known when he's lying and how he came to help Karen. The show then flashes back to their first college meeting and early relationship, which sets up their later relationship as law partners and shows that neither of them has really changed all that much. Fisk has a meeting with Madame Gao and she determines that he's letting love blind his ambition of taking "fixing" the city and to basically choose between ambition and love or that she will make the decision for him. Ben is told that the extension on the insurance for his wife's medical care didn't come through and he is in a quandary on what to do. He is later offered a position as an editor by Ellison, but turns it down because he's a reporter and not an editor.

He visits Karen and gives him all the information he has on Fisk because he needs to pay more attention to his wife. Karen has him go to a lavish hospice, but finds out that it was all a plan to talk to Wilson Fisk's mother, who spills the beans on Wilson killing his abusive father. Vanessa, along with other guests at a benefit Wilson is hosting, faint and are even killed from poison in the champagne. Foggy, feeling betrayed and hurt, tosses the "Nelson and Murdock" sign in the trash and leaves the practice.


Once again, this series continues to amaze with great acting and writing. Charlie Cox is aces as Matt and his internal conflict at what to do with Wilson Fisk is great to watch. His conversation with Father Lantom is the highlight of the episode as we are treated to a tale of good and evil and one that anyone can relate to.

Actor Peter McRobbie deserves major kudos as well as he tries to provide guidance and someone to talk to for Matt and his conflicts.  

Elden Henson does great work as his reaction to discovering that his best friend is a vigilante is real and honest and it shows that he is the heart of the series. Deborah Ann Woll and Vondie Curtis Hall pick up the slack and show great chemistry as they each have personal situations to deal with inside and outside of the main story. Vincent D'Onofrio proves that he might just be the most complex and complicated villain on television right now. His love for Vanessa and his desire for power are bound to intersect and interfere with one another and it will be interesting to see how D'Onofrio plays it.

With only three episodes left, Daredevil is building towards a crescendo that will have rippling effects throughout subsequent seasons. The trademark red costume has yet to make an appearance, but I think we'll be seeing that before the season is over. If this season can continue to build in the final episodes the way it has during the first ten episodes, it could just be the best television show in Marvel history. 

Jason Elliott

Ever since he first saw Star Trek at the age of three, Jason Elliott knew that pop culture was something he couldn't get enough of. With numerous afternoons and Saturday mornings spent watching G.I. Joe, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe. Cartoons weren't the only thing that Jason loved. He developed an intense love of comics and video games, martial arts, and professional wrestling. Countless nights mastering Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, and any other game that struck his fancy were the stuff of legend. With comics, it was Spider-Man and the X-Men that he gravitated to because of the complex stories and relatable characters. With wrestling it was an every weekend affair as he watched legends such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sting, and The Ultimate Warrior do battle inside the 20x20 stage. Today, he is writing for eXpert Comics as the movie reviewer. He take his love of film seriously as it comes through in his detailed reviews and interviews.

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