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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – When The Fitz Hits The Fan

Written by  Published May 11, 2017 04:28
Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that title. Don’t worry, Fitz didn’t hit any fans in this week’s episode. But plenty of other stuff that rhymes with Fitz did! The Agents thought it was smooth sailing when they escaped the Framework, but silly them! Things are never smooth with them. As soon as one problem is solved, an even bigger one arises. This week was prime example of that.


*Spoilers!! Totally real spoilers *


mayphilCoulson and May woke up but in the last place they wanted to be. The Superior’s submarine. And Coulson tried to behead LMD Aida, but it was too late. Her Looking Glass machine was activated and she “3D printed” herself a totally new, flesh & blood body. That’s not all, she showed up and literally “bamfed” away with Fitz, Nightcrawler style! This was confusing at first, but throughout the episode we realize that the machine doesn’t just give Framework minds a perfectly good REAL body, but you can bioengineer the body to have any type of genetic makeup you want. In this case, ALL of the Inhumans Aida and Fitz experimented on in the Framework. Yeah, that’s bad news.

So, yeah. Back to Coulson and May. They are stuck here (with the awkwardness of the stuff that happened with LMD-May) and Mack’s body (he opted to not wake up and stay with his daughter in the Framework, Hope). And who else shows up, but Anton Ivanov/The Superior/The Russian as they are calling him all of the sudden. But they soon find out that he’s no longer human...or that there’s just one of him. Multiple Superior LMDs show up and Coulson and May have to take them on! Coulson luckily has his awesome cool cyborg hand and the cool energy shield, though! And he slices off one of the LMDs faces! This was a highlight for me. The energy shield is always a highlight! They find some adrenaline for May and she uses it to go berserker rage and takes it to the LMDs like Wolver-May. You wouldn’t want to mess with Wolver-May.

At the same, Daisy and Jemma have woken up on the Zephyr with Yo-Yo and the red shirts (I guess I can stop calling them that. They do have names. Agents Davis and Piper was just fun to make Star Trek references), but in peril as well! The Zephyr, with cloaking turned off to preserve energy are being attacked by....Superior’s men?! The U.S. army? Not sure which. It is a fighter jet, but seemingly just one...not sure how Ivanov would have a fighter jet, but the military would send more than one. The show is kind of vague sometimes. The girls (Yo-Yo, Daisy and Jemma) work their magic and get the power turned on, just in time for Piper to shoot down the jet and have the Zephyr triumphantly fly through the flames!


Aida/Ophelia teleported Fitz first to a beach so she can feel human things, like sand between her toes and the ocean splashing on her feet. It seems like with her new human body she wants to experience and express everything she was simply programmed to as an android. She also seems to want to experience it with Fitz, who is going through the withdrawal of being a miserable, evil, little man. How could just having his father have changed him so? Evil Fitz was in him all this time?

Eventually the Daisy group meets up with Coulson and they figure out that they are actually attached to an oil rig, something the Russians used to legit do in the Cold War era...Coulson remembers EVERYTHING about being a history teacher. They are rescued by Daisy’s group, but how would they save Mack? He is going to drown. Fitz actually convinced Aida to use her newly fleshy heart to have compassion and she bamfs Mack’s body to safety. But when they all make it to the Zephyr, Jemma of all people uses an icer on Aida and Fitz...just to make sure they aren’t still all evil. They then go to the old S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, which was decimated by the LMD agents. Thankfully the power dampening prison cells are not damaged at all.

Yo-Yo is pissed that Mack didn’t wake up, and she argues with Daisy over it. Saying she could have easily FORCED him through the portal. Daisy explains that it was his decision and that Hope is real to him in or out of the Framework. Yo-Yo doesn’t get it and will go to any lengths to get him back. And she does. And it’s not smart.

Agents of SHIELD 4x21 3

Coulson and the gang explain that after experiencing the Framework, each person has experienced BOTH lives as if they were equally real. This concerns Jemma because she may never have HER Fitz back again. This is proven wrong, as when in the cell, he is in rough shape and Aida tries to get through to him, telling him that only she understands him. It seems she is getting through to him, but when he says the only one he could love is Simmons (Jemma is watching all of this over the security camera, btw), Aida FREAKS out! Like majorly goes full-on Fatal Attraction. Turns out that just turning a robot into a real person doesn’t necessarily make them a STABLE person! How could it, really? Fitz escapes into another pod (I literally thought she was going to kill him) and it turns out she doesn’t just have Gordon’s teleportation powers, but Lincoln Campbell’s electricity powers as well, and she escapes by turning into pure electricity (a la Electro). Fitz is rescued by Davis and Piper and he says she is UNSTOPPABLE! She also exhibits a healing factor (a power anyone would pick at the power buffet table, right? It’s the obvious one). Here’s hoping she also doesn’t have the Nitro exploding powers...but she probably does.

General Glenn Talbot also makes an annoying appearance, wanting to arrest everyone because he thinks they are evil kill-bots. Geesh, this guy is annoying on so many levels (as was his comic book counterpart, so at least they got him right). Coulson gets him up to speed but he is still being a grade A douche. Only when Aida shows up like a ball of fury does he realize he’s wrong about everything.

Aida teleports herself back to the Ivanov-bots and yeah, she’s crazier than before, now that she’s been rejected by her “Leopold”. This never happened to Pinocchio! Now she has so many powers, who could even stop her!?  Oh wait....a certain Spirit of Vengeance maybe could! I wonder if he could miraculously return for next week’s season finale? Hmmm.

146357 2910

I have to say that Mallory Jansen has been excellent this season as Aida/Ophelia/Madame Hydra and I think she has a huge future ahead of her. She portrays human Aida a whole lot different than LMD Aida or even Madame Hydra and you can definitely see the differences in all 3 iterations of the character. The LMD was the caterpillar, Madame Hydra was the cocoon and human Aida is the butterfly...a crazy, destructive butterfly, more like Mothra...but a butterfly nonetheless.

Iain De Caestecker also shows his chops, as I felt very sad for him and his confusion over his Framework persona. This is something that will change his character a great deal and as a result, it will change the Fitz-Simmons dynamic forever. I do think, and the episode suggests, that their love will conquer all...but I certainly can’t see how it can be the same with them knowing that Leo very much wanted Jemma dead and almost did so within the other world. This is gonna take some major healing.

That’s right, next week will be the big season finale, with Aida full-on loony tunes (wait, it’s she’s full-on Ducktales?! Does that work?) and with all the powers she could ever need! It should be a real doozy! I’m actually hoping we get to see some sort of teaser indicating that the Inhuman Royal Family is coming! It’s true, and it’s about time! Not doing a fantastic crossover with the new Inhumans series would be wrong on so many levels! It MUST happen!

Well, true believers, that’s yer review! Get caught up and be ready for the big finale next week! Until then, bleed out!

Dave Michaels

With his unique brand of humour mixed with die-hard passion and knowledge for all things comic books, Dave Michaels puts his weekly spin on the pop culture like only he can. Each “episode” of Full Page Bleed provides fun, wacky commentary, interviews, recommendations of Dave’s favourite comics, and whatever else his “evil genius” can conjure up. What are you reading THIS for?! Read some FPB RIGHT NOW and PREPARE to BLEED COMICS! FPB is Here...

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