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Where Have All the Good Times Gone

Written by  Published February 9, 2015 11:58
 Way back in the stone age of 1982 a little rock group (hard rock group) called Van Halen put out an album called Diver Down which had a cover of the Kinks song "Where Have All The Good Times Gone". The Kinks put it on a B-side (if you don't know what that is Google it, if you do, then you know it didn't fair well). None the less it ha become an anthem whether by the Kinks or Van Halen and it truly fits the mood I am in as I write this.  

indexYou see I have been watching a lot of Super Hero movies, TV and reading comics lately, believe it or not much more than I usually do, which I must confess takes up a lot of time. During this reading, watching binge, I have been reading the classics or better known as the Essential series or the Spotlight series of different books from yesteryear. What did I discover during this binge? Comics just aren't as fun as they once were.

Before everyone says I am doing a rant on new comics, I'm not. I enjoy the new comics very much and am quite involved in a lot of story lines at present. You didn't ask (how could you?) but Avengers and I mean anything with the various Avengers story lines right now is must read. There are a number of other books like Spider-Verse and I mean all of the issues, Grayson, Deadpool, Green Arrow, some Bat books and a slew of others are all being done very well as I write this and Coulson the new book based on everyone's favorite SHIELD Agent is fantastic. So no I'm not doing a rant, I just want to know why I can't pick up a book and enjoy a single story that doesn't involve life or death.

This all came about with the Amazing Spider-Man Annual. The lead story had Peter Parker doing his thing as Spider-Man trying to return a cell phone and what goes on during the adventure. It was light, fun, and had me from the beginning. There wasn't any moody, ego driven, the less of two evil things going on here, just a plain old fashioned story f a crime fighter doing good.

I recently read an old Superman Family Showcase edition. One of the firstshowcase stories had Jimmie Olsen who finds a Genie. The Genie and Jimmie go on many adventures but in the end it was just Superman pretending to be the Genie in order to bust some bad guys. It was corny, it was quiant and it was altogether awesome. Yea it might not become a major motion picture any time soon, but does every book need that kind of push?

In The Essential Defenders we have a story where Dollar Bill (yep it is a real character) puts out a Defender documentary and Nighthawk is mad because everybody and their brother will want to join the Defenders. It is just plain goofy and one of the things I loved about the Defender book.

The new Squirrell Girl book was just what I was looking for, it had talking rodents, Kraven the Hunter and was all of the things I just mentioned above with Superman, but it was put out about 30 years later. Why can't I get issues like this more often?

I'm taking a guess here, but I am thinking some of you out there are saying why not just buy the kids books? Because I don't think I should have too. Spider-Man took on the Kangaroo, the White Rabbit, and the Hypno Hustler! They were fun, they made me laugh, the plot line was still carried through and I felt good about my hero when I was finished reading.

sgSure I like the mystery, the plot lines, the realistic feel of the new books just as much as the other guy, but comics are about escapism aren't they? If I want terrorists, bombings, violent crime and whatever else I can watch the news or the CW channel and get my fill any night of the week. I'm not saying get rid of the "realism" what I am saying is how about some fun along the way.

Comics have always followed what happens in the real world. In the real world we laugh, we do stupid things, we take a day off and heck sometimes we even take a vacation. So that leaves me with this, one simple question. Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

Until Next Time.

Dan Robertson

If you're looking for the grim and gritty, peek-a-boo bad girls, and graphic content you won't find it in DXXL. D(XX)L is the family side of comics and you can consider it to be the XXL size family dog that will do what it takes to protect his family and those around them. Like that dog D(XX)L's author Dan Robertson is laid back relaxing in the sun, but also like that dog when his hackles rise he's much more likely to bite before he barks. He will be exploring all forms of family entertainment, from all ages comics whether web based, Indie, digital or the Big2, to movies games and TV in the comic and pop culture subsects of eXpertComics in a never ending quest to tell you what they are, where they are, and why you should or should not check them out.


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