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Ghostbusters #2 vs.Trigger Girl 6 | Title Fight

Written by  Published March 13, 2013 02:00
 March is full of surprises and this week is no exception. I’ve been seeing the big things IDW has been cooking up and I had been hesitant in picking up an issue until I saw this beauty come across the review desk – Ghostbusters. I about did a back flip as I had always wanted to see a new take on the original comic pubbed by Caputo’s NOW COMICS back in the day. Once I saw that #2 was out and about I had to find something that was worthy of such a legacy and I believed I’ve found the right opponent in Trigger Girl 6 #1. Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto working on book with a gun-toting mysterious babe on the front – done deal! So I offer you this epic TITLE FIGHT Ghostbusters #2 vs. Trigger Girl 6 #1. KERRRAAAAANNNG! Annnnd What’s New With You? As always you can find these titles and so much more including toys, posters, and apparel – all comics – all the time only at!  


Writer | Erik Burnham

Art | Dan Schoening, Luis Antonio Delgado

Publisher | IDW




Janine and her new crew Ghostbusters rush out to a call while Egon, Ray and the boys are stuck in a parallel dimension looking for a way back to NYC.


The Breakdown

Erik Burnham returns for the second ish of this iconic relaunch. I must say thatGB Use this I am particularly pleased with this rendition of everyone’s favorite paranormal exterminators. The jist here, if you haven’t been following the new series, is that Janine Melnitz, the receptionist for the Ghostbusters, is left to take over the helm as the Fab Four have been whisked away. In their stead Janine has put together a ragtag group of able bodied go-getters who each have their own reasons for joining the team. Burnham really keeps the spirit and the flavor of the Original Animated Series going in this reboot. I personally feel that the animated version of the Ghostbusters had much more depth in storylines and the characters here are just as complex.

Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado shore up the creative team and together they create an energetic and enigmatic sophomore effort in this ish. Schoening’s pencils are reminiscent of the animated series relaunch in the 90’s – very angular with a slight graffiti/anime slant. The characters are expressive and expansive – Schoening’s take on the Ghostbusters lends itself well for a toyline, shirts and related merch (which is a sign of comprehensive design). Delgado’s colors are tight and right and zero in on the spirit of the movie rather than the animated series, Egon Spengler is back to being a brunette and long gone are the red specs and blond pompadour of the cartoon.

The Takedown

Ghostbusters #2 is a right fun romp. The storyline is #2 is exciting and serves the franchise well. At first I wasn’t sure how a ghostbusting team headed by Janine Melnitz would fare but they handled it well and they proved their point. Burnham was smart in including the original ‘busters keeping the continuity tight. He let the new ‘busters prove their mettle while giving the fans a good dose of the tride and true. Schoening and Delgado team well on this ish and bring this new spin into the fold with flying colors. Pull-list!

8.9 out of 10


Writer | Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray

Art | Phil Noto

Publisher | Image




Finn, Jake and Marceline continue on their quest through the Kingdom of OOOOH to find the source of the robot rebellion and find an unlikely ally.



Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have collected their Trigger Girl 6 serial fromtg6 the pages of Image’s CREATOR OWNED and put them together in a collected graphic novel. I followed this serial through the pages of CO and I was intrigued with it from the get go. This ish provides a bit of closure for those who had caught only a fraction of the story but never got to finish it. Palmiotti and Gray have created a cool “lost girl assassin” character with an intriguing twist, she is related to her assigned termination…think about that a moment. The writing team then takes another headlong twist and heaps talking animals on top of the action which I find a bold and very refreshing move. The narrative works because it not only plays against trope, it pushes past it and makes a path toward new territory.

Phil Noto packs the artistry into this book and gives Trigger Girl her assassin’s edge. There’s just something about Noto’s work that feels big, his use of painterly effects over his clean lines makes for pages that feel energized and important. He lends that touch to an already charged narrative and something just clicks. Trigger Girl is instantly iconic and from Noto’s work I already see cosplayers vying to portray this kickass character (in fact there are several pages of concept art in the back pages that offer several cosplayer renditions of the character). The underground animal sanctuary is by far the most impressive use of Noto’s skill, his animal renders were as iconic as the hero which made the story that much more fun to read.

The Takedown

Trigger Girl 6 is a graphic novel that packs a punch while making a statement. In the world of comics and entertainment that’s not always such an easy thing to accomplish, yet Palmiotti and Gray manage to in grand form. The Narrative is fast paced but provides plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged. Art by Noto is always a pleasant surprise and here in this book it is showcased well. Trigger Girl is a classic character and though her part may not be as fleshed out as some heroines in other books, she has a focus and direction that makes her fun to watch. The art is big painterly panels full of vibrant color. The sum is magic.

9.3 out of 10

Until Next Time True Believers, Keep your Eyes on the Prize!


Mike Ramirez

MJ Ramirez is keeping his finger on the pulse of comix from major label to indie so you don't have to. With Flash-like speed MJ scours through the latest and greatest to give you the scoop on what to pop and what to drop. When his eyes aren't being glazed over by panels and speech bubbles MJ is teaching his two young daughters the finer points of classic comic storytelling. So never fear fanboys (and girls), MJ is hear to keep you from wasting your hard-earned cash on saddle-stitched trash. The next round's on me

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