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Wonder Woman Earth One Is A Different And Brilliant Creature

Written by  Published April 11, 2016 04:45
I don’t even know where to begin with this review.  This is not the Wonder Woman so many people have grown to know and love.  I mean, it is and it isn’t. This book by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette is a different creature. This book takes Wonder Woman back to her roots, to her creator’s ideas of submission and dominance. This book may not be for everyone, but it is worth a read to see the brilliant mind of Morrison at work and the breathtaking art of Paquette.

4961484 cwjrujwu4aa rf4Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, would be beaming with joy reading this book.  The elements of bondage, submission and dominance flourish throughout the entire read.  This book is really getting back to Diana’s roots.  But its not strictly sexual.  The idea of submission isn’t viewed as weak, but shows strength, giving yourself fully to your partner and joining forces.  This book opens with some graphic details of the amazons past.

The opening pages display Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, on her knees in submission to the muscular Hercules. He has won his battle over the amazons and now will take pride in what he does to them.  We see him violently throw Hippolyta around, boosting about his advantages and how man will have his way when with the chains that bound her, Hippolyta ends him and states “No more.” This is when the amazons break away from man's world. This is when we see the depth and what Hippolyta will do for herself and her amazons.

Nearly 3,000 years later, we get to see what Amazonia is like without man. Technology is very advanced.  The buildings are smooth and round, there are no phallic shaped buildings around. It's peaceful and everyone seems happy. The women of Amazonia all wear garments that look like Wonder Woman's costume. So we can see how her costume is developed. We get to see Mala again as well as the scientist Althea.

Eventually, Steve Trevor arrives on Amazonia. Diana finds him and helps him.  She also breaks several rules in order to get her new invisible plane that looks like a vagina. What? It does, and it is part of so much symbolism. Diana finally sees man's world and is taken back. The thing that I love here is that Diana speaks her mind, and asks the hard question that people today will not ask.  Why are woman inferior?

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Diana submits to her fellow amazons and asks for a trial to see if what she's done, saving this man's life and running around man's world, is truly something she should be punished for.  Heading back to Amazonia we see her wrapped in chains and she offers up the truth without the lasso, thought the lasso comes out and is intertwined in her chains.

We get to hear from one of Diana’s new friends, Beth Candy, who offers the truth of stating she put the new clothes on Diana and makeup, and scoffs at the amazons way of life.  Steve stats he supported Diana and did not tell anyone about Amazonia because he knows how people can suffer under man's rule.

This book is riddled in symbolism.  The artwork is just amazing and both Morrison and Paquette intertwine different view points through this work of art.  Submission isn’t something to look down upon, as Diana tried to explain to Steve.  This book is simply not going to make a lot of people happy, but it sure made me happy.  There are details in the art that are fun to catch that I missed going over the book a second time.

Paquette’s artwork takes my breath away in so many different panels.  One of my favorite panels is when amazons come for the contest and they all have different versions or nods to Diana’s old costume and some enemies.  My favorite is clearly the nods to Wonder Girl and Cheetah.

This book is a solid 9 out of 10 for me.  While a lot of the symbolism can go over your head, it's still a GOOD read.  If anything, pick it up for Paquette art, which is a show stealer. 


Lisa McCarty

Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty is quite the comic book girl. Recently joining the ranks at eXpertComics as a main columnist, she can also be heard on various podcasts that maintain a female-centric point of view on comics and pop culture. When she's not knee-deep in comics, she works for the local health department and a cat-wrangler. A fangirl at heart, she has been reading comics since before she could walk. Despite numerous allegations, she is not the masked thief known as Catwoman. She loves Sphynx cats and hopes to get blue ones some day. Enter the Spazzy...

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