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Snotgirl Provides Light Humour...With A Dark Twist

Written by  Published August 1, 2016 04:27
“Scott Pilgrim” alumni writer Bryan Lee O’Malley is at it again with another hit! Snotgirl hit the shelves recently and people have been talking about it since.  This is a story that is intriguing and very true to what happens in the minds of some females.  I can say this, considering I am a female and while I was reading this, I could nod and state that a lot of ladies I know do this, or have done this in the past. It’s like O’Malley knows what women are thinking when it comes to personal appearance, why are we here, and how we look at other people. Deep.


SG1Snotgirl #1
Bryan Lee O’Malley – Writer
Leslie Hung - Artist

Snotgirl follows the story of Lotti Person, a young, popular fashion blogger trying to figure out life and hide the fact that she has terrible, horrible allergies.  In the World Wide Web, she is this beautiful, well put together presence that people adore. In real life, she is a mess with allergies, constantly worried what others are thinking about her in any given moment.  We have all been there.  On social media we only post our “good” pictures while the normal, everyday pictures get left either in the phone or instantly deleted.

Lotti gives everyone she encounters nicknames which I was really drawn to.  We all make snap judgements of people and Lotti goes ahead and names them in her head.  It’s like her “thing” and she is really proud of it. 

snotgirl01 review07

This comic is going to have a lot of depth to it, I can already tell.  You think it is just the story of a fashion blogger and her allergies at first, but throughout the stories you pick up other factors that’s going on.  Like how other people treat her and how she reacts.  There is also a very interesting twist at the end of the story which has compelled me to NEED to read the next issue.

Leslie Hung’s artwork is stunning.  She is able to capture the essence of drama as well as the flow of online “beauty”.  It is really fascinating artwork.  While snot and things normally gross me out completely, Hung’s work makes it easier to look at.  I will be honest, with a name like “Snotgirl”, I didn’t want to read the comic, but I am glad that I did.

Being a huge fan of O’Malley, I cannot wait to see where this book goes.  It is light and funny, holds depths of true insecurities we all face, and has a dark twist.  Everything you could want from a comic! 

bryan lee omalley snotgirl

Lisa McCarty

Lisa "Spazzy" McCarty is quite the comic book girl. Recently joining the ranks at eXpertComics as a main columnist, she can also be heard on various podcasts that maintain a female-centric point of view on comics and pop culture. When she's not knee-deep in comics, she works for the local health department and a cat-wrangler. A fangirl at heart, she has been reading comics since before she could walk. Despite numerous allegations, she is not the masked thief known as Catwoman. She loves Sphynx cats and hopes to get blue ones some day. Enter the Spazzy...

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