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Small Hero, Big Story | Ant Man #1 Review

Written by  Published January 14, 2015 12:03
I have always had a thing for the underdog and the little guy. When it comes to heroes Spider-Man has always been mine, but looking down that Top 10 heroes list it doesn't take long to find heroes of a smaller stature. In fact when I was a kid my favorite episodes of Super Friends were always the ones that had the Atom in them, and I spent a pretty penny more times than I care to count to buy older issues of the pint sized hero over the years. It wasn't always just the small hero from DC though. My favorite Avengers were of course Ant-Man and the Wasp. Yellow Jacket and the Wasp, not so much Giant Man but still the Wasp. There is just something so cool that a hero can be microscopic and still get the heavy lifting that needs to be done done. This week I got my hands on a new book  to the Marvel U that isn't really new. It had been published in some form, if maybe not with the same title a couple of times in the past.  When Marvel, DC or whoever do this it is always my hope that some of the history of the book will come with this new incarnation, and for the most part this book has that, if not in the generic style of what has come before.  


What I have is All New Ant-Man (which isn't all that new). What he brings to the table though just might be. Let's get started.


Big Things, Small Packages

antman1Ant-Man #1

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Colors: Jordan Boyd

Letters: VC's Travis Lanham

Cover: Mark Brooks

Rated: T+

Produced: Marvel Comics

Scott Lang is Ant-Man. He became the small stature Superhero by stealing it. Probably not the best way to become an Avenger, but it worked for him.

The book starts with our mini mighty Marvel hero breaking into some ones house. He tells his back story somewhat as he goes through BREAKING into some ones house, and includes that before he was Ant-Man he used to BREAK into peoples houses. Just when he gets to his objective we change the scene.

What does Ant-Man do when he is down on his luck, money and respect.  Heant 3 goes to a job interview, in his Ant-Man costume, with a double sided resume. After a brief discussion with a suited face where Scott confims he has done time, was dead for a little bit, and other things you wouldn't normally say in an interview, Tony Stark comes in. The job is the head of security for Stark International, and Stark has already picked who he wants and Scott isn't on the list. After a brief discussion Scott gets on the list and the next day he meets the competition.

The competition are a bunch of kids. Podigy, Victor Machina, and the New Beetle. After a try breaking into Starks unbreakable safe all give up, although Scott fakes a sickness.

Now in between all of this is Scott's home story. We see his daughter and how he became Ant-Man. We see his divorce and we see his wife that wants no part of him and his heroing it up nonsense for her or her daughter.

The faked sickness was so he could buy time to break into Starks apartment. He does and what he sees there can only be found on the channels that adults pay for. Anyway he gets the job and all should be well.

Except it isn't. His wife decides that moving back to Miami is the best decision to keep herself and Cassie out of harms way. So Scott has a decision for himself now, keep the job or move?

What's Good:  It's all pretty good. I was expecting another number one ant 2issue full of the action, and whatever have you and didn't get it. That actually made for a fantastic number one issue. Spencer completely captured that separation from our kids we who have been divorced know all to well without getting preachy. It was a thought provoking story as well, as we see the decisions Scott has made during his life and where he is trying to go, despite some of those decisions. We have all been at some point where Scott is right now, to a lesser or greater degree and we can relate. Spencer put his finger right on so many buttons that happen in life and it read seamlessly. Do I miss the big action over the top scenes? No not really, it is interesting to wonder if the reason we don't have the BIG scenes is that we have a smaller hero. Something to think about.

Spencer brings humor to the pages that very few comics have. Sure Spider-Man and Deadpool are as funny as they are exciting, but Spencer brings a deft self depreciating humor to Ant-Man that is pure fun. It is simple and telling and it is altogether fantastic.

The art in this issue is good, and in some place better than that. The scenes with Scott and the ants are very good and I like the design of the panels. Some of the other panels though are flat without much going for them. Part of that could be the coloring scheme or just the way it was colored, which didn't really do much for the pencils. That said overall the art is what I ant 4would say is above average.

The Bad: The coloring is the draw back for me in this book in case you missed it. It just made some panels and in one case a page to be just flat an not really appealing.

Overall: Strong story wins over anything else, and Ant-Man #1 is strong on story. I am pretty excited to see where this book goes and to see if Stark is going to try and get payback (read the book, you will understand). If you missed the Ant-Man trailer for whatever reason here it is! I thought if the movie companies could put a trailer in another movie, why not put one in a review.

Ant-Man #1 7 out of 10



Next time I have SHIELD #1, but until then.

Dan Robertson

If you're looking for the grim and gritty, peek-a-boo bad girls, and graphic content you won't find it in DXXL. D(XX)L is the family side of comics and you can consider it to be the XXL size family dog that will do what it takes to protect his family and those around them. Like that dog D(XX)L's author Dan Robertson is laid back relaxing in the sun, but also like that dog when his hackles rise he's much more likely to bite before he barks. He will be exploring all forms of family entertainment, from all ages comics whether web based, Indie, digital or the Big2, to movies games and TV in the comic and pop culture subsects of eXpertComics in a never ending quest to tell you what they are, where they are, and why you should or should not check them out.

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